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Balancing with unit sizes Version 3

Author File Description
ali_hurricane Hi, This is my new little mod what does quite a few things.

1.Changes all unit sizes to 240 (makes seige weapons have 6 of the the actuall engine instead of 2, so if you had one unit of onagers. It will have around 100 men using it and 6 actual onagers. It makes it more worth having seige equipment.

2.To balance it out a little, ive made the unit costs and upkeep of all units on the campaign map to zero and thier consruction time to zero to, because it proved very hard to get the population high enough to even create all the men never mind paying for the soilders you make affter, (this really helps the income, so you can have more fun fighting battles.)

3.It adds some of the units What you can't recruit without cheating (yubsteb elephants)
and it makes them mercs in the game.

4.Buildings take 1 turn to create.

5.To make the game more realistic, all missle troops have +10 attacks because i noticed that peasents were surviving missle attacks (without a shield) which is VERY unlikley.

6. In the event of superior missle troops agaist you. Ive added the "testudo" formation to other infrantry (the testudo formation is not used much anyway).

7. Population growth increased. (To keep up with all the men being made every turn.)

8. I didnt mean to, but ive made all factions playable. (even rebels)

The AI act VERY diffrently. Like in my game at the moment, in 260 BC i had spain invading Italy (seiging Rome). This newer version of the campaign is quite harder to beat as well, because the enemy armies have many soilders in them. (1-4800)

extract the txt files Export_descr_unit and Export_descr_building to;
C:Program Files/Activision/Rome - Total War/Data
and overwrite the older version of the txt file.

also extract the Desc_strat txt file to;
Program Files/Activision/Rome - Total War/Data/world/maps/campaign/imperial_campaign



I fixed a few bugs from the origonal balancing unit sizes.

Please only download this if you think your computer can handle it.

The older version of balancing unit sizes will be overwrited by this new version.

You do not need the older version to install this one.

Any bugs? Any suggestions? Any problems?

E-mail me at altheman9993@yahoo.com

Or leave a comment.

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Rating: 5
Awesome Job, mid-high end systems can handle at 1024xXXX and lower, i currently run this at 800x640 with everyone on FULL and low AA, average FPS goes from 25-50+, battle intensity is amplified by 10x, well done and well thought of, not to mention the whole campaign is a 180 degree turn from the stock retail, good job brother!

Additional Comments:
BRAVO!! Excellent, my sincere thanks for this, you have no idea how happy you've made meh! It is now FULLY compatible with 1.2!
File Author
It was no problem, im enjoying it my self now, it's 156 BC, every settlement on the map is a huge city (accept barbarien settlements which are citys) im the brutti and i started the civil war with a assasin. And i toke rome with 4000 men and it's population was 56000!!!! i made like 40,000 men out of it, who knows a new troy battle might happen :D :D

Thanks for the comment :)

File Author
Well, ive been thinking of doing another mod but i just can't think of anything to do, but i'll think of it soon enough so it wont be the last of me. :)
veteran_gamer Nice, i always like turning on rome as soon as i can get preatorian calvary and urban cohorts with a few experience points, whats funny is, trying to kill the faction leader at rome and actually suceeding with a 2% chance, lol.

I will most definately keep an eye out for anything you do, every mod i have installed has gone to the trash except for this, i always used to think "i wish i could build things in one turn and have all units right away with large sizes". Ta-da then you came out.

if you every need custom audio at professional bitrate (digital not midi) for any kind of projects let me know, thats about all i *can* do, audio editing and production.

Anyway, great job, and thank you so much, im going to go get lost in the campaign for about 6 hours, later !!!

V_da_crow It doesn't work with me.
I can't start the Imperial Campaign anymore.
File Author
Rome Total War has to be a fresh version to work, like you can't have rome total war realism with this. Please uninstall other mods to make this work.

To make it work, you will need to start a new campaign.


[Edited on 03/22/05 @ 02:07 PM]

File Author
kurtas How do i get it back to normal mode so i can play the game online?
File Author
Oh, well you should of had made a backup of the origonals, BUT if you don't have them, i have got a few copys :) just e-mail me (e-mail is at the top of the page)
JangoFett766 Um....all of the things work for me except the unit sizes. Anyone know whats wrong?
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