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Funny and Strange Pictures of Rome Total War

Author File Description
ali_hurricane Hi boys and girls, today ive got some pictures to show you (from my mod "Balancing with unit sizes version 3")

Here, you can see some of the largest battles you may have ever seen, the largest empire, strange things.
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Sirek wow, I bet u freakin owned that Gaul battle 11,400+ soldiers vs like 3400+ lol...
File Author
Lol it was a good one though. i just sent them all in to battle and i used surporior numbers. :D but they had like 8 groups of forester warbands so i lost like 6000 men!! cause thier attack power is 40 so all in all it was a clear victory.

[Edited on 03/25/05 @ 04:06 AM]

Commisar Clark
Rating: 4
Well, considering that this is a Miscellaneous File, I would say it's very, very good. :^)
I personally would have gathered a few more screenshots before submitting the DL. Good though! Well worth the DL and time. Some very funny scenes in there. I will have to show you my "raining peltast" picture sometime. I had loads of Yubtsebs against loads of light troops and they were flung everywhere! ;^)

Additional Comments:
Fast DL. Funny and weird pictures that are interesting to look at and pace your brain to think about. :^D
Good work!


[Edited on 03/28/05 @ 12:09 PM]

File Author
Well i wanted to post about hundred but it came to like 50 MG and i have to lower it to 8 MG cause that's the limit of uploading, but im gonna post some more. :)
Rookierookie Next time, save them as JPG, so that you can upload more.
File Author
Cool! good idea i will.
Chilly5 Funny! I like the iberian testudo, how did u do that?! I tried to make a patroian(spelling) cavalry infantry do testudo, but it failed. Then again I only tried once, prehaps if I add testudo as a speacial ablillty to a swordsman? oh well, I should have taken a pic of two of my yetsub elephants that got killed and seemed to be expressing some strange form of . . . um. . . lets just say love, they were next to another dead one and it formed somesorta interdemensional rift/ implode/ magnet-thingy. the enemy had like their army wiped out. Only one nubian remained and he ran into that rift and stayed there, running into the dead butt of a elephant like a idiot until I decided to ease his passing and kill him, but I decided to kill him in style. and so I sent my general past him and of course, through the strange rift. Most of my generals past it but three were caught in it. They started to spin in a weird way, like circle around and then immedeatly killed two of the nubians buds and then two of the bodyguards escaped and then it was 1smart guy vs 1 fool and they fought around for a long time. the nubian kept running into the elephant and circling around and my cav kept circleing and stabing, causeing the nubian to fall many times, after about an hour of doing this with triple speed I got bored and sent my general to finish him off.

Also (I'll be quik) once, I flanked these thracian hoplites that I found with nile cav, and I paused and turned my camra in a funny angle and it seemed to show the thraceians in panick as my cav flanked them and in the mist of the termoil I see their captian grabing the standerd bearers arm and he was in a postion with his sword raised and looked very muderous and was about to kill the numb looking standerd bearer, when then I unpaused and found that he just killed one of the cav behind the standerd guy. lol, but that pic was funny. (dang this is long)

[Edited on 04/01/05 @ 09:56 PM]

File Author
Lol very nice!! i don't eraly like yubsteb elephants because in a seige, if they die they block streets and gates, very annoyying!

Well it's not like a general isent going to murdor someone on the battlefield anyway! mine killed like 50 men! he got the trait of bloodthirsty.
Rating: 4
I'm sorry that I couldn't give ya a 4.5 or a 5 since several screens were on the HUGE CITIES which was quite boring to me. THe other screens look really cool. THe favourite for me is the Carthraginian Iberian Infantry teustodo which really freaks me out. They got such small sheilds and they're trying to cover each other. But it is very cool. How did you make that? I weant to try it to if it's possible on the game.

Even though it took several minutes to download!
Rookierookie Some mods add testudo (like RTR).
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