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Downloads Home » Battle Videos » Gaul's Kick ass vs egypt, Rome, Macedon -6 replays Celtic Tiger

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Gaul's Kick ass vs egypt, Rome, Macedon -6 replays Celtic Tiger

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Celtic Tiger
File Details
Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.2
Number of Players: 2
Player 1's Name: Um cant remember
# of Denarii: 12500
I get the most satisfaction by playing as the Gaul's as they are the toughest to play with I changed my strat to defensive as that seem's to be the best option available to me even despite many onangers. desperate situation's call for desperate measures so some games are a little long but i got mainly heroic victory's Hurrah.

The Idea is to take away the enemy cavalry/chariots first and lead them to their destruction some players went defensive making life more difficult i.e. Macadeon using pikeboxes which is a barbarian infantryman's worst nightmare but i thank my forester's to which most every game revolved around.

So is strat lame defensive play vs newbies or is it a viable tactic let me know please.

All warfare is based on deception - Sun Tsu
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helmeteye All I can say about these is OH YEAH.
FatesDestiny It's refreshing to see some recorded games with someone playing as Gaul.

vs.Eggyvgood -
The eggy player seemed to be rather infantry heavy, and you outnumbered him in Archers and Cavalry, which worked definitely to Celtic Tiger's advantage. Great show of being cool and calm under all that Onager fire, Celtic Tiger forced him to take some initiative with those Forester Archers. When the Enemy came out of his shell, Celtic Tiger squashed part of his force with his superior cavalry force(killing his general), then had skirmishers widdle down and rout those pikemen. Overall, I'd say a good job of taking advantage of the enemie's weakness with the Crushing Victory.

Hvicvsegypt -
The enemy dropped dropped the Onagers for a lot more chariots, archers, and some more Desert Axemen to support the pikemen.
There's an Archer battle in the beginning which lasts quite a while, essentially Celtic Tiger wins this and then the enemy starts bringing in his chariots for backup. The guy is showing a lot of patience. Finally, Celtic Tiger brought in his cavalry and mopped up the archer and some of the chariot support. The enemy was almost going to bring in his smaller force of cavalry, but he was smart, and held back. However, he decided to march his forces forward. When he did, the two cavalry forces collided and Celtic Tiger came out the victory of that battle. The enemy pike- and axemen just kept walking further into the noose as Celtic Tiger retreated his forces back. Next thing the enemy knows, he has calvary on one side, and infantry backed up by skirmishers on another. He didn't put up too much of a fight after that as Celtic Tiger's Chosen Swordsmen started decimating one flank, then his Cavalry the other. He tried to run and get out of the pincher, but failed.

vsegypthvic -
Celtic Tiger has the similar deployment with plenty of skirmishers and Forester Warbands (5 and 3 units), a standing force of Chosen Swordsmen (5, including general) and a huge cavalry force of 6 Noble Cavalry.
The other guy was literally outnumbered two to one, he had some chariots, some archers, some nile cavalry, and a unit of peasants... Which, oddly enough was the last unit to route. (And is it a coinsedence you got 666 total kills?)
Anyway... The guy tries to run in from the start, since Celtic Tiger has more archers. He runs in his chariots, but when Celtic Tiger's skirmishers and cavalry appear, he seems hesitant. Soon, though, he just charged in. Yet again, Celtic Tiger killed off his cavalry quickly, and surrounded the guy's forces. The pikemen make a final stand, being the center of a brawl, while the rest run away. The game ends when cavalry run down the Peasants.

vs Macedon -
Celtic Tiger's usual deployment faces off against 6 Royal Pikemen in a circle around some onagers and Cretan archers, with 2 peasants for fodder, and 5 Companion Cavalry for mobility.
When the Forester Warbands are brought up to start firing on enemy troops, the guy rushes in his two peasants. One unit of Forester Warband is cleverly places forward of the others. I don't think the guy realized that Forester Warbands can fight decently in melee, because the peasants are routed after a short bout.
The enemy swoops his cavalry, chasing back the Forester Warbands, and moves in his Archers to inflict some damage of his own. Celtic Tiger leads the cavalry into the hidden Skirmishers, which open fire, and then Celtic Tiger charges in part of his cavalry force at the stopped Companions. The rest of the Companion force charges, hoping to overwhelm Celtic Tiger's forces, but are only flanked by the rest of Celtic Tiger's cavalry. In a matter of seconds, all Companions rout, with their general, who is also killed being chased down.
More of the archer battle goes on... Celtic Tiger finally moves in, and at the rush of a single unit of Skirmishers, the enemy starts to reposition his forces. That was a really big mistake, and after that the game is brought to a quite close. This allowed his pikemen to be flanked, and soon afterwards, it was just a mop-up operation.

vsRome2gg -
This time Celtic Tiger deploys 9 chosen swordsmen, 6 Noble Cavalry, 2 Forester warbands, and 2 Naked Fanatics. His enemy has 4 Urban Cohorts, 4 Early First Legionary Cohorts, 2 Onagers, and 4 units of Praetorian Cavalry.
Celtic Tiger hid his forces, and the Romans are forces to try to scout it out. One unit of praetorian cavalry is sent into a rout after chosen swordsmen and noble cavalry capture it.
The onagers start to fire as Celtic Tiger's Forester Warband and Cavalry move out, and while the Onagers get some decent shots in, the Forester's light the Onagers up, rendering them useless. Two cavalry battles ensue simultaneously, and part of Celtic Tiger's cavalry force is lost. But larger portion survives, killing a unit of Praetorian Cavalry.
A bit of silence and a bit of maneuvering takes place, and finally the Romans decide to press forward after a force of Celtic Tiger's Chosen Swordsmen take out the Roman Onager teams. Celtic Tiger retreats his Chosen Swordsmen and Foresters back, keeping his still-hidden forces of Chosen Swordsmen and Naked Fanatics to his right. The Romans fall for the bait, and suddenly the Chosen Swordsmen and Naked Fanatics get up and flank the force, and the fight is on.
The Praetorian Cavalry runs to aid, but are hit by the Noble Cavalry of Celtic Tiger. Even though Celtic Tiger's cavalry lose the battle, his initial force of Chosen Swordsmen with his general manages to rout some of the Roman's Early first infantry cohorts. The rest of the force hangs on just long enough for the Roman's cavalry to plunge into Celtic Tiger's ambushing force, making them rout.
Then it turns into two lines of infantry facing eachother. Celtic Tiger has his Chosen Swordsmen, back up by the fire from Forester warbands, charge into the Roman lines. Naked Fanatics, who stopped routing, take the charge of the last of the Praetorian Cavalry, survive, and make the Cavalry rout off the map.
The Romans only have three units of Early First Legionary Cohorts left, general included, all of which wilt as the Naked Fanatics and a small unit of Chosen swordsmen hit them from behind.

vsromcrusader -
The game starts off much like the one above, with slightly different forces.
Celtic Tiger's army lays hidden, and the Romans are set up with 4 units of Praetorian Cavalry and, some Onagers, and the rest is 6 First Legionary Cohorts. The onagers are far up front, so Celtic Tiger runs in his Forester Warbands and lights one on first. The Praetorian Cavalry runs in for the kill, but are intercepted by some Chosen Swordsmen. Celtic Tiger's general is routed, and several units are lost, but Noble Cavalry plunge in from the flank and rout the Praetorian Cavalry.
The Roman runs in his First Cohorts en masse, pursueing Celtic Tiger's forces. Then he stops and goes into Tutsedo(sp?) formation, to stop the Forester warband arrows, and waits. The forester's ignite the last Onager, and Celtic Tiger fiegns a charge, getting the First Legionary cohorts out of Tutsedo. The Romans then charge, and everything turns into a big brawl. At first things look bad for the Romans, but they hold the lines... and most of Celtic Tiger's Cavalry rout. The tables are turned, and it turns into just masses of infantry slowly pushing towards eachother. With forces regained from routing, Celtic Tiger manages to finally flank the Romans, and one-by-one, they flee.

Overall, a good watch. I'm not sure how to judge the Egyptian players... The third one I described I think I can definitely say wasn't that great. He put up the least fight. The Romans seemed to put up a better fight, but that might be because they had better units. *shrugs*
Celtic Tiger
File Author
Hey thanks for your comments. Fates destiny you have hit the nail on the head with your description's, thankyou. My thinking with the gauls on this occasion was to ponder on what is typical of players and 1 scenario that repeats itself consistently is that the best measure to deal with archers is to ride them down with cav. I decided then to exploit this predictable turn of events by luring the cav into an ambush to destroy them. Whether the romans or the egyptians have better units is debatable but the roman infantry Urban cohorts are unrealisticly powerful.

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