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player1 total
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Game Version: Barbarian Invasion
BUG-FIXER, an unofficial patch for Barbarian Invasion expansion pack
Version 2.06
Compiled by player1

Barbarian Invasion expansion pack for Rome: Total War (v1.4)
or v1.3 patch for Rome: Total War


This is compilation of fixes to various bugs that can be found in Barbarian Invasion expansion for Rome: Total War. Many of the fixes were not originally my ideas, but ideas of other members from gaming community that I compiled in one unofficial patch. Since unofficial, it is in no way associated with Creative Assembly, Activision or SEGA.

Note that this patch also addresses some issues for original Imperial Campaign, but does not contain any fixes to character traits and ancillary system for it. That's because tweaking that system to include many fixes that are made with BI expansion is closer to "porting" then bug fixing, and would take too much time for me. Imperial Campaign fixes can also be used by users that have original Rome: Total War patched to v1.3.


The content of the zip file should be extracted to your Rome - Total War folder. That way it will replace some of the original text files with those from the archive.

Additionally, you MUST delete (or just rename) events.dat file from bi\data\sounds folder, since that's the only way to make fixes for voices to work.

Files replaced are:
-descr_model_battle.txt (from both data and bi\data subfolders)
-export_descr_ancillaries.txt (from bi\data subfolder)
-export_descr_buildings.txt (from both data and bi\data subfolders)
-export_descr_character_traits.txt (from bi\data subfolder)
-export_descr_sounds_stratmap_voice.txt (from bi\data subfolder)
-export_descr_sounds_units_battle_events.txt (from bi\data subfolder)
-export_descr_unit.txt (from data subfolder)
-export_buildings.txt (from bi\data subfolder)
-expanded_bi.txt (from bi\data subfolder)
-descr_strat.txt (from bi\data\world\maps\campaign\barbarian_invasion subfolder)

Files added are:
-advisor battlemap.tga (in bi\data\ui\carthaginian folder)

Also, a new subfolder named Original Data will be created, with copies of original files. If you want to restore original files just copy contents of that folder to your Rome - Total War folder. This is important for multiplayer, since it requires original files (to prevent hacking).

List of fixes for Barbarian Invasion Campaign

Changes in export_descr_buildings.txt file:

-Added 3rd level barracks for Berber faction, to fix the problem with Berbers being unable to build Mountain Men unit
-Added Pictish Crossbowmen to Archery Range of Celts faction, to fix the problem with Celts being unable to build Pictish Crossbowmen unit
-Fixed problem with Circus Maximus for Romano-British faction, so it won't train Sarmatian Auxilia with lower experience then Hippodrome (+2 to experience)
-Added Bucellarii, Ballistae and Onagers to Catapult Range and Heavy Onagers and Repeating Ballistae to Siege Engineer building for Romano-British faction to fix the problem with these buildings giving no benefit for Romano-British and with having those units only available in custom battles

Changes in export_buildings.txt file:

-Added description for 3rd level barracks for Berber faction (Hall of Heroes)

Changes in expanded_bi.txt file:

-Changed Berber cultural designation from Carthaginian to Berber for obvious reasons

Changes with added advisor battlemap.tga:

-Fixed battle advisor icon for Berber faction, so it has correct eastern advisor and not roman one

Changes in descr_strat.txt file:

-Fixed problem with Western Roman faction member Gratianus Flavius having archers as bodyguards by adding actual bodyguard unit in his unit stack

Changes in descr_model_battle.txt file:

-Fixed Mercenary Bucellarii unit model, so it will fire crossbow properly
-Made a workaround for Pictish Crossbowmen unit model, so it will fire crossbow properly
-Made a workaround for broken leg of British Legionaries
-Made a workaround for problem with Scholae Palatinae units having morphing faces in attack animations
-Made a workaround for texture corruption Paladin Bodyguard units have on there left side of chest
-Fixed a problem with Armored Camel Mercenary units, when lower detail model would be used in place for higher level model and vice versa, so that unit will be less detailed on higher unit graphic settings instead of the other way around
-Fixed model for barbarian female civilians, so that looking cities in battle view won't show just male population for barbarian factions

Changes in export_descr_sounds_stratmap_voice.txt
and export_descr_sounds_units_battle_events.txt files:

-Fixed voices for campaign map and battle events for nomad and hun cultures, so they'll be barbaric, like all other voices they use, and not greek or arabian

Changes in export_descr_ancillaries.txt file:

-Fixed bonuses for Bodyguard, Charioteer and Elder Senator retinue members, so they'll actually give bonus/penalty to Influence and not only affect public order
-Fixed the bug when following ancillaries could be gained with agents: Anchoress, Anchorite, Priest of Sol Invictus, Priest of Mithras and Zoroastrian Teacher
-Fixed trigger for Drinking Companion retinue member, so it can be gained at both Tavern and Bardic Circle, like all other drinking related ancillaries and not just in Tavern
-Made Druid retinue members available in hunting shrines (Cocidius) instead of battle shrines, so that Celts could actually get them in their native temples
-Made a workaround for trigger for Mother-in-Law retinue member, so it can be correctly gained with marriage event
-Fixed triggers for Foreign Dignitary, Foreign Hostage and Pet Monkey retinue members, as well as triggers for Spear of Wotan and Sword of Chinglu relics by fixing InEnemyLands condition which gave opposite results then intended
-Fixed trigger for Amici Principis office, so it can be gained in cities with either Proconsuls Palace or Imperial Palace and not just in cities with Proconsuls Palace, so it's possible to gain this office if only possessing huge cities

Changes in export_descr_character_traits.txt file:

-Added anti-traits to some traits to prevent weird or impossible combinations
-Several anti-traits that worked in one direction fixed to work in both directions
-Added the workaround for a bug, when gaining an anti-trait would reset trait value to 0 (instead of reducing it for value of anti-trait)
-Added Disloyal as anti-trait to Faction Leader and Augustus traits, so faction leader won't get disloyalty traits
-Anti-traits for Indecisive Attacker changed from GoodCommander and GoodAttacker to GoodAttacker and GoodRiskyAttacker, so that having Indecisive Attacker trait won't prevent general from gaining Command bonuses
-Increased point awards in birth and adoption triggers for traits that need more then one point to get first level of the trait, so it's actually possible to gain those traits at character generation (expect more vices and virtues from new family members)
-Fixed bonuses for Sobriety like of traits so they'll actually give penalty to Influence and not only affect public order
-Fixed the bug in trigger for GoodRiskyDefender line of traits when mildly outnumbered, since it required crushing victory, instead of clear or crushing victory like other similar triggers
-Removed "BattleOdds < 1.5", from triggers for BadAttacker/Defender line of traits, so it's possible to gain them, when losing battle in which enemy was highly outnumbered
-Removed "BattleOdds > 0.5", from triggers for Noctophilia line of traits, so it's possible to gain them, when winning the battle while highly outnumbered by enemy
-Removed "BattleOdds < 1.5", from triggers for Noctophobia line of traits, so it's possible to gain them, when losing battle in which enemy was highly outnumbered
-Added two new triggers, to make it possible that Intelligent and Genius characters could be born
-Fixed the problem, when Intelligent characters could lose their Intelligence
-Added hidden LoyaltyStarter trait to generals gained by Man of the Hour event, so they won't start with loyalty of zero
-Made the workaround for buggy marriage triggers, which prevented characters from getting any traits from marriage event
-Moved triggers for Cuckold and Wife Above Reproach traits, which are related to Ugly and Handsome characters, from birth to marriage event, so characters won't get those traits without getting married
-Fixed the problem when characters that are not married could get Cuckold trait (by adding IsMarried condition before check)
-Fixed the education triggers, so skill generation effects of lower level academy buildings will still work when building gets upgraded
-Split the education trigger for Ludus Magnus, so that both Romans and non-Romans can benefit from its effect, while still keeping Politics skill exclusive to Romans
-Removed roman culture requirement from trigger for refusing bribes, so that non-Romans can benefit from resisting bribes, by gaining levels in Upright line of traits that exempt other things increases bribe resistance
-Added new trigger to make it possible to gain Diplomatic Genius agents
-Fixed several agent creation triggers related to religious believes
-Tweaked trigger for gaining experience with spies when doing missions with 100% success rate (slightly_successful), so it will be triggered for spies with one or zero levels of experience, and not just for those with exact one level of experience
-Fixed Good/BadConspirator line of traits so they can be gained by assassins
-Corrected sabotage triggers, so that they make more sense

List of fixes for Imperial Campaign

Changes in export_descr_buildings.txt file:

-Fixed the bug when Gauls could recruit Naked Fanatics in farming shrines (and Gauls don't have farming shrines)
-Fixed a bug when Awesome Temple of Epona and Pantheon would show up in building browser for Gauls and Spanish
-Added law bonus to academy-type buildings like it's done in Barbarian Invasion expansion, so that such buildings would still have uses in cities without governor
-Holding games in arena type buildings limited to Romans only, to prevent "THIS GAMES HELD TEXT SHOULD NEVER APPEAR ON SCREEN AND SHOULD NOT BE TRANSLATED!" message appearing when other factions try to hold games in conquered roman territories

Changes in export_descr_unit.txt file:

-Added secondary attack to German Spear Warband to prevent bug when using these units outside phalanx formation
-Fixed the issue with Pontus generals, when they would never get their bodyguards upgraded like all other factions (added to unit "general_unit_upgrade" tag)
-Fixed inconsistencies in mass and armor sound for Bastarnae Mercenaries unit, compared to its thracian equivalent
-Removed "annoying" blue officer from rebel Archer Warband

Changes in descr_model_battle.txt file only:

-Fixed the wrong color of Spanish generals by giving them proper texture (should be brown, instead of blue)
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