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HG party 12-17-2005

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Game Version: Barbarian Invasion
Number of Players: 6
Player 1's Name: SpitfulPig
Player 2's Name: Aeneas2
Player 3's Name: JudetheObscure
Player 4's Name: BigD
Player 5's Name: Antigonus
Player 6's Name: Friesian
# of Denarii: 20k per team
Just some nice action replays for those who are interested to see us in a couple of friendly games.

The first is a 2v2v1 at 20k per team. I a three way game the team who waits the longest wins most of the time. Not this game. It has a nasty twitch for the waiting team.

The second is a 6 way free for all barbarian game. I haven't seen the replay myself as I write this so I haven't seen the action 'behind the trees' yet. My recollection of the game is that I chased Antigonus all the time. Men, can those Saxons run.

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chonaman The second battle is a 6 player FFA, and shows some excellent battlefield command by both HG_Friesian and Antigonus[IMMORTALS]. Watching from HG_Friesian's perspective, the opening skirmish paves the way for a heroic victory by HG_Friesian. Friesian plays the Burgundii, and Antigonus plays the Saxons.

Friesian deploys the following forces:
2 Horde Hunters (archers) just in front of his main line (in loose formation)
8 Golden Band heavy infantry (the main battle line)
3 Chosen Archers (deployed behind his main infantry line, in tight formation)
1 unit of Lancers
1 Warlord (with General)
2 units of Berserkers (behind the main infantry line)

Against this, Antigonus deploys an army of:

7 units of Hearth Troops
4 units of Mounted Nobles (2 on each flank, including 1 General's unit, immediately behind the archer units)
6 Hunter (archers), with 3 on each flank.

The battle begins with Antigonus boldly sending his 6 archer units forward, grouping them in loose formation. Friesian maintains his position, while Antigonus supports his archers with the heavy cavalry from both flanks, lagging slightly behind his archers.

Antigonus then forces the action by sending his archers forward, even though this puts them into a deppresion below the enemy archers. He again supports with cavalry on both flanks, but does not place his General close to his archers (which, with units in loose formation, can be very helpful).

Antigonus chooses to use fire arrows, and concentrates his fire on Golden Band units, and some of the archer units. Friesian chooses to use normal arrows, and the results are dramitic. Antigonus's archers are decimated and begin to rout, while Friesian's archers and Golden Band infantry are modestly reduced. One other tactic of note is that Friesian pulls his Berserkers back well away from the arrow fire during this duel (behind his General on the bakck line) to protect them from arrow fire, to which they are especially vulnerable. In fact, Friesian pulls his entire infantry line back, leaving two lines or archers exposed and standing on their own until the Saxon units rout, one-by-one.

The opportunity to take these archers out with Antigonus's supporting cavalry on the flanks is missed in an aborted charge a few moments later. The timing wasn't right, and Antigonus saves his powerful cavalry for later in the fight, rather than squandering them when the chips were down.

From this point on, the battle continues with each of the other players facing off 1 v 1, and with Antigonus running to other areas of the battlefield, playing the spoiler in the other two matches, sniping, capitalizing on compromized flanks and hiding as appropriate, but all the while with Friesian keeping his eye on the prize, Antigonus, his worthy and crafty foe.

This replay is worthy of study because it shows some classic mistakes as well as some creative use of terrain, tactical retreat, and some marvelous unit control. Kudos to all who played in this match!

[Edited on 12/20/05 @ 07:17 PM]

Celtic Tiger I watched one of these and was very confused until i read the description 2v2v1 any how i learned something which is why i replied.

The moment where the defenders flank was looking very vulnerable(deliberately?) and the elephants where brought in at just the right moment was super, an entire line of troops where bunched up together and simply bowled over and then again on another front superb.
Antigonus Yes, great game. I just saw a replay again and this time I can say safely that Spitful trully deserved that victory. When he won I was sort of skeptical because I was not sure how he did it, but now after watching it I can see that his army did inflict the heaviest losses.

I do apologize for the destruction of your schiltrons, Spit, lol. Just wanted to tackle the top dog. Too bad I didn't succeed, you still won the game.

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