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Forum Party 3v4

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Game Version: Barbarian Invasion
Number of Players: 7
Player 1's Name: Antigonus[IMMORTALS] ERE
Player 2's Name: CAV[IMMORTALS] ERE
Player 3's Name: HG_BigD Sassanids
Player 4's Name: HG_Friesian ERE Rebels
Player 5's Name: HG_Clemtheking ERE rebels
Player 6's Name: HG_Chonaman Sarmatians
Player 7's Name: HG_SpitfulPig Celts
# of Denarii: 45000
This was a 3v4 game with no rules. The all HG team began by deploying in the center, save for Chonama, who began to advance his Sarmatians to our extreme left. Shortly after The Rebels led by Friesian made their move to our right. Perhaps to maintain the balance, SPitful's Celts advance left as well to support Chonaman's Sarmtians. The jaws are about to snap on the little army awaiting its fate.

And so, the stage is set for one of the most brutal battles, of this year. Will the two flanks smash the huddled defenders in their jaws? or will the little army exploit the enemy's apparent weakness? Enjoy.....

Leave comments/reviews if you can

Thank you.
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Celtic Tiger A tidy win

I expected the team of 4 to win.

I was suprised the archer cav got ridden down by heavy cavalry earlier in the match!!!

The three defending armies protected there flanks by the large rock which gave a solid defensive position.

The attackers came in at two different stages which was disatrous. To the defenders credit they seen the distance between the two armies and actually attacked the first two giving away there flank guard in order to instead take advantage of the division and this was the correct thing to do.

the defenders then played conventially and kept cool making no real mistakes to make life very difficult for the next 2 attackers and remenants of the first 2. The Celtic army seemed very brittle to me but i dont have much experience using dog's and chariots or spear's i just know they rout ez unless put in a circumstance/use to which i have not found for them, -yet.

The strategy used was interesting so i enjoyed the watch.
Constans Wasn't it Sun Tsu that said not to divide when outnumbering your opponent by a small margin, but to attack instead? I don't remember the precise quote but it would be fitting for the occasion :)

Did the sassanid forget about his horse archers for a second? That's the only explanation I can give, since it happens to me all the time :) One advice though, if you want to get your horse archers behind an enemy army, that's cool, but move them safely around the army first. After that you can move them in and out of range for harassing (sp?).

That celt army indeed seemed brittle. Their hard to play with in team battles as it is, without having true archer support. I also think the celtish player 'popped' the berserkers a bit too early :)

On a nitpicking note, I noticed the sarmatian player taking an angled approach in his attack, which would be ok, but not against those plumbatarii. The Sarmatian warriors were sitting ducks, luckily the plumbs had used most of their pila earlier.

[Edited on 01/14/06 @ 09:10 AM]

File Author
Well, I don't know about Sun Tzu (I think he was an idiot that spoke in puzzles most of the time to sound smart), but how in the heck did you determine that they outnumbered us by "a small margin"?

Also, its tactically better to march divided and attack united. Their team marched too divided and attacked separately. But their divided march was the correct thing to do, rather than advance together on a heavily fortified position, especially if enemy has a superior artillery support, which we did. The weakness was the distance, since it allowed us to counter attack. Had they been closer and acted swiftly they could have baited us and smashed us. As I said, Friesian almost made me sorry for ordering that attack when I saw his units retreat rather than engage our rapidly advancing armies. If he was succesful in his retreat we would have been lost - our flank would have been compromised and we would have lost our elevation advantage. But as luck would have it, Friesian turned to face us and form some sort of defence, because his retreat was a bit too late, and he wanted to at least put up a good fight and sell his lives dearly so that the other two could finish the job.

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