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HG Forum Party game - 8PM

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Game Version: Barbarian Invasion
Number of Players: 3
Player 1's Name: HG-JudetheObscure
Player 2's Name: HG_MaceHead
Player 3's Name: HG_Ichbinian
# of Denarii: 15,000
I was the Goths, Jude was the Berbers, and MaceHead was the Western Empire Rebels. I had missile cavalry so I took the opportunity to shower Jude with arrows. I was driven off (my units didn't rout though, just pushed back), but not without inflicting losses on his cavalry corps.

Jude played a defensive and offensive game. He moved his entire army back to watch me and MaceHead beat eachother up, then moved in to join in the carnage.

MaceHead had a nice setup of Lanciarii in the front of his missile and Comitatenses, who covered his onagers. I must say that he "won" the battle, for he was the last one left but all of our armies got massacred anyway.

However, I had the last laugh of having the most kills - a bit over 1000.
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Rating: 3
(This was a weird battle. I didn't read any comments and wanted to see if I could predict the winner from the beginning. I picked Macehead, and since he won the game (i don't know if it was SR or LMS) but at the same time it came s a surprise to me.

The battle begins by Jude moving to his left to gain the benefit of the high ground. Shockingly for no reason that I can understand, Macehead moves his all infantry army forward and completely giving away his elevation advantage. As soon as he made that move his chances of winning became very slim.

Following the onager bombardment, which missed competely all its intended targets, I was surprised to see Ichibian fighting both, Macehead and Jude. I thought that was a bad idea. Ich should have wiped out Macehead. He began wonderfully shooting at onagers, but when onagers crew were gone, instead of shooting infantry from a superb position or at least archers from far away (Goth archers out range WRE archers by far) he kept on shooting at the onager, loosing loads of archers as they were being shot to pieces by WRE archers. WHY? As soon as Macehead moved onager crew back you should have used your HA to kill them. They were so far back that it would have been easy. Wasting arrows on onager was very pointless. When Macehead finally charged up hill Ich was suddenly confused and Romans attacking up hill emerged victorious. Ich was trying to get the kills I guess.

Jude in my opinion now had a clear chance to win, but instead of engaging the Romanswhile they fought the Goths he waited. By the time the Goths were finished (not including random units ralying but making no real progress), the Romans were still too strong. And now I was sure that Jude will pull it off. Even though the Romans ripped through Berber infantry, the archers were able to rally and set up a nice position shooting Romans. I was shocked to see however that Jude was shooting at the wrong targets. His archers were often in improper formation, shooting in the flank of units instead of rear. With the position he had he should have been able to inflict heavy casualties and rout the Romans. But his choice of targets for each archer units proved disasstrous. I liked his idea of spreading his archers and he finally did begin to pick the right targets, but when the Romans finally charged, he began making mistakes again. His only Axemen units kept running away chased by a Roman general. I think he should have faced it and concentrated all archer fire on that general. Instead his axemen unit was caught running and quickly folded the Romans then proceeded to catch every single archer unit and rout it. By the time the battle ended Macehead had barely any men left.

So I guess I was right the Mace would win, but I would have never guessed that this is how it would happen. It began with him making a blunder, then Ichibian, then Jude and only after that Mace was finally was able to capitalize on that last mistake to get back his original advantage.

Additional Comments: Its an interesting battle, but I didn't like the fact that it was very disorganized with units spread out and lacking all communications or cohesion. Thats the reason why I give this battle a rating of 3. If it had a better organization and planning, it would have been a better watch, I think.

Thanks to all combatants for this battle. Overall it was a good experience.
File Author
Thanks for the comment Anti. :)

I totally agree with your suggestions. I was disorganized, and didn't pay much attention to the archers I had.

Antigonus Any time Ich

You know I played you a few times and usually you are very organized and much more decisive. As I said when Macehead gave up his hill position, I really thought you would win. But then again. Its easy for me to reveiw it and critisize, but had I been in your place I might have thought differently. Besides, if your game was Scored Resolution then you got insane kills. You got 1900 kills mate. Thats impressive. If that was the way the game was judged then my whole eveluation of your game is pretty worthless. Since you not only got the kills, you also have accumulated 700 more than your closest opponent and thats freaking impressive mate.

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