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Bridge Slaughter

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Game Version: Rome: Total War
Number of Players: 4
Player 1's Name: Seleucids
Player 2's Name: Dacians
Player 3's Name: Numidians
Player 4's Name: Carthage
# of Denarii: 100000
6000+ men, 1000 vs 5000.
Me vs. Computer I know, but it's nice to see the bridge dissappearing under the bodies.
I put some phalanxes at the bridge followed by large amounts of archers and catapults. To chase them, I had superb cavalry. Sorry for my bad English

1) Dacians cross the bridge, they can't get further then the points of my phalanxes. At the same moments thousands of arrows are annihilating them. They run, I don't chase them because Numidians and Cartaginians stand ready.
2) Numidian infantry crosses the bridge, they get slaughtered and flee but the Numidian cavalry is crossing the bridge, followed by the elephants. The elephants get scared of my phalanxes and run, killing hundreds of their own men (watch the men falling of the bridge). Numidians: out.
3) Carthaginians wait soo long, so click 3x speed. They send their peasants over the bridge. I order my cavalry to attack their javelins, but they can't pass the peasants so some of my phalanx men die. But the peasants are no match for my heavy cavalry. I retreat the cavalry, because the Cartaginian elephants storm over the bridge. Again, the elephants flee causing a slaughter in the Cartaginian ranks. They flee, and now I order my cavalry to chase everything down. So ends the battle.
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Antigonus Ok,

Just to clearify, you are basically posting a battle where you have a 100000 strong army, taking on a computer controlled three armies of 30,000 each? You bottleneck the bridge and wait for a stupid computer to charge all its units (plus peasants) into your pikes?

je_suis_tahmid and ur proud of sucha umm..*woman's genitalia*.. performance, atleast make the computer "very hard" and give em sum archers instead of peasants...even my dad would call you a coward:P...sry fer the profanity, u deserve it... even in campaign battles the computer doesnt take such stupid unit selections

[Edited on 04/07/06 @ 08:47 PM]

Antigonus Lol,

What a worthless game. But I must say, if you have enough balls to post this garbage, you are a brave man. I do not think, I have ever seen a game in this section as pointless as this.

The sad point is that even though you told everyone what you were posting, many didn't understand and still downloaded it. What a waste of time.

Though all opinions should be welcomed, and its obvious you have many fans, since your download count is amazing, i would strongly suggest your refrain from posting anything of the sort.

To all who actually watched it - you know that you can actually do the same in custom battle against AI. Why download this?

Back to you, I seriously hope you grow up and get better. Maybe your next game I can actually watch without feeling pity for you.
Celtic Tiger Arf Arf :D

I didnt download this one. once i see bridge battle or siege i simply avoid like the plague.

Im not sure if your new or not lad, fret not Its just that the RTW community has been around a while and require something thats more of a challenge to be worthy of viewing. personally i prefer something that is different from the norm than the play it safe n sensible style.

keep practising, this game online in particular has a high learning curve and some good players so they seek something more complex than blocking a bridge to view though im suprised they downloaded it in the first place! many players have been there & seen that.

There are loads and loads of replays here so view em and you can get a feel for what's looked for. Get some practice in then come back and put egg in the faces of those who dissed you.

A Winner never quits and quitters never win...
je_suis_tahmid lol its true, i used to be like that at first lol, but i wudnt post it, i'd jus do it for the fun of it
File Author
"Me vs. Computer I know"
I said it, maybe not clearly enough. I had the game 3 days when I played that game, so don't be too hard on me. I also said it was just fun to watch it, and if you didnt like it, why did you downloaded it?
je_suis_tahmid thought u were new...and neways...i was owning in three days
File Author
Nice for you, but i wasn't -.-
je_suis_tahmid lol..how bout now? do u play online?
File Author
Not yet, I'm playing the campaign, it's 135 BC now.
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