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6 Great Battles

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Game Version: Rome: Total War
Number of Players: 4
# of Denarii: Different per game
The sequel to '5 Great Battles'. This collection contains 6 battles wich I (Orion) win. I often play as the Romans, they simply are the best faction in RTW. The key to my strategy often is to have NO archers at all.

I have a rating for each game, games with 5 stars are more fun to watch (in my opinion).

If the replay contains a message saying "the player has an other version of RTW", then the battle won't be the same as when I played it.

The 1st game ***
SPQR(me) & Brutii VS. Greece & Greece. The Greeks went on the defensive with their phalanxes and Cretan archers. I took on their right wing, my ally attacked their left. I think I have the right to say that I had the thoughest part: the Spartans. But that's no excuse, we won the fight because of our great teamwork.

The 2nd game ****
SPQR(me) & Scipii VS. Julii & Brutii. They went on the attack. After a long fight I defeated the Julii but my ally was losing his struggle against the Brutii. However, little help was needed to turn the tables. Before I could help him much, the Brutii were defeated and the game was won.

The 3th game ***
SPQR(me) & Brutii VS. Spain & Egypt. This was a siege in which my ally and I acted as the besiegers. Right after I had cracked the wooden walls, the Egyptians were too impetuous and sallied forth. After a short fight they fled back into the city to the main plaza. We seized the moment and immediately rushed our troops through the city, preventing any phalanx from reorganising. My ally had lots of cavalry (in a siege... I wonder why?), but this time they outmatched the Spanish. Eventually, I released my pila and attacked both the Spanish and Egyptians in the rear. The enemies couldn't face themselves towards me because they had to deal with the Brutii cavalry on the other side of the streets.

The 4th game *****
SPQR(me) & Brutii VS. Armenia & Greece. A must see. Cataphracts and phalanxes are a deadly combination, so we decided to lure their cavalry out. This worked, my ally could annihilate several units of their cataphract horse archers. Shortly after the skirmishing, the main fight occured. This struggle included the infantry of my ally and the cavalry of both me and my ally. Although lots of their cataphracts were defeated, we sustained reasonable losses. Eventually, I rushed my urbans to their remaining horses on the right flank, thus cancelling the enemies charge bonus. In this final fight I lost many men, but not without a price: the entire Armenian army was slain. The Greeks lost their nerves and attacked, but too late to change the outcome. After a thrilling battle, the Romans carried the day.

The 5th game ****
SPQR(me) VS. Greece. This game is another must-see. A bridge fight without rules asks for onagers. I deployed 6 of them, and they proved to be extremely effective against Spartans. Although my enemy prefered to sit back and relax, my deadly onagers left him no option but to cross the bridge. My urbans sustained some losses because of the archer fire, but when I noticed I ordered them into the testudo formation. Then the Greeks, and army existing exclusively out of Spartan hoplites, reached my side of the bridge. The urbans easily defeated the Spartans who failed in reforming their deadly phalanx formation. Soon after I went on the offensive and brought the fight to the other side of the bridge. My cavalry rushed over the brigde and succesfully charged the Cretan archers. I a last move my entire army crossed the bridge and defeated the remaining cavalry.

The 6th game ***
SPQR(me) & Pontus VS. Egypt & Parthia. This was a total embarrasment for both my ally and my enemies. The 3 guys were in some clan and accepted me as a fourth player. When I disagreed with them that upgrading units is much better than having many units, the shouting began... The entire battle I had to read words on my screen like noob etc, just because I didn't followed the (in my opinion wrong) orders of my ally. O, and in my opinion: upgrading units is only useful in scored resolutions. Anyway, my enemies were beaten up pretty bad. Check the results.

I hope you like these battles!
Made by Tyrith (Orion)
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Atrix2 I downloaded the 5 famous battles to replay them. But they are in .rpy format and i cant open them how do i get them to play.
File Author
Well you have to store them into C:\Program Files\Sega\Rome - Total War\replays.
Then, just open your game and choose battle replay in the menu.

EDIT: I think I understand what you mean now. You probably have double-clicked the files to view them. But these replays only work when you use the game. In the menu of RTW, press 'load battle video'. If you stored the file correctly, you can choose the battle video there. Don't worry, it will work.

[Edited on 12/22/07 @ 08:34 PM]

File Author
Release of 7 Great Battles (or 5, or 6) will be soon.

EDIT: this is cancelled, I'm too busy on MTW2 now ;-)

[Edited on 12/10/08 @ 09:27 PM]

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