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Downloads Home » Modpacks » AOE's Spartan Persia MOD (Greco Persian Wars)

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AOE's Spartan Persia MOD (Greco Persian Wars)

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.5
Installation: Unzip and Run the Automatic Installer. Make sure u have a backup copy of RTW.

Features: -New Over the Shoulder pike phalanx for Greek Units -New Skins and Textures for: Spartans, Persian immortals, Macedonian pikemen, Egyptian pikemen, pontic pikemen, seleucid pikemen, Persian sparabara, persian missiles, parthian and Persian cavalry and lots more...
-Modified unit attributes for accuracy reasons -All campaign factions unlocked
-Rebels now available in single and Multiplayer.
- Historical Battle of Thermopylae
- many new units...

As seen on youtube:

coming to moddb!

Version 0.9 is coming out soon. By the way we changed the mod's title.
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SpartanMan101 Hi, I tried dowloading this mod and then when I tried to open it after download it said that it was zipped and that either it was corrupted or invalid so any help or explanation would help.
phean rll good mod :D
siege breaker i have made some changes you might find interesting

1.it ennoyed me that spartans and hoplites
grabbed almost inmediatly to their sidearm
and when they did that they fought worse
(dont ask me why this is but it looks like
they wont do anything with their sword and the sword stats are lower)
so i removed the sword in the export_discription
_unit file and it worked

2.i wanted to know what happened if you put
units that use the upperhand tecnique in a
phalanx. the spartans on who i used this
walk normally(with spear under arm) but when
they are fighting and when they are standing
still they use the phalanx in upperhand.

the problem is that they now have a long spear
and no sword so you might want to put the sword back

3.if you want it to look like a phalanx but
with the normal spear then you have to place
short_pike by the weapon atribute they look
like they are in a shortened phalanx but they are
normal(they dont make use of the fact that their
spears are overlapping) if you now give them the
abbility to go in phalanx you cant see the
difference aside from that they wont charge and
that they are very vurnrable to the sides and rear
and they hold better formation

there is no unit in rtw that uses short_pike
so i think the creators left it there
the problem
with this is that the back rows will
keep their
spears in an angle even when fighting

i realy admire this work and keep going
i hope you have something useful with this becouse i only
do this 2 weeks

i also noticed that the unit cards aren`t working and. parthia renaming into persia didn`t work, this is maybe becouse i have rtw gold edition

[Edited on 11/09/07 @ 02:38 PM]

File Author
thank you siege breaker for your comments and concerns. i assure you that i have tried all of what you explained above and it did not satisfy me for many reasons which ill be happy to email you if you want. Unfortunately it is impossibles for the Greeks to fight with swords if you want them to charge with spears. If i give em swords, they would NOT charge with spears and that is a big blow as the phalanx always charged with the Doru. i have also tried the over hand phalanx and the short_pike phalanx but it does not meet requirements in terms of historical accuracy and fair gameplay.
As for your concern for future updates, i am currently working on releasing an update for this mod.
thank you.

[Edited on 01/21/08 @ 12:33 AM]

hhslf Hi, I have just two questions, can you confirm that this mod works on both vista, and a steam downloaded version of Rome: Total War? Thanks.
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
I have your mod working now after reinstalling (it wasnt your mod causing the problem), and after playing for a while, I must say, this is a GODLY mod and deserves all 5 stars.
File Author
thank you, and yes this mod works on any Rome Total War as long as its version 1.5 and supports windows Vista AND XP.

im currently working on further improvements. i am trying to improve the imperial campaign gameplay for parthia. then i will move to other factions.

by the way, the map of thermopylae is also included in this download. it is in the following directory:
"Rome - Total War\Data\world\maps\battle\custom\Thermopylae"
you need to extract the zip file in the "Thermopylae" folder (same place) to activate this historical battle map. Once you are done extracting, run the game and go to historical battles and you will see Thermopylae listed. it is not already activated because it is in beta and currently only parthia is playable.


I want to add that i am also working on finding a suitable webpage or forum for this mod, any help would be appreciated.

[Edited on 01/30/08 @ 03:15 PM]

Harry 350 Rating: 4.5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Great mod,spartans look great but but the parthia to persia thing did not work, only the flag change.
File Author
wierd, are you sure you followed the instructions? the parthia name is not supposed to be changed to persia. just added and replaced some units. anyway v0.9 is coming.
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Great Mod and easy to install only problem I've got for some reason I can't cheat anymore for example add_money on campain turns into a minus. Probably for the best though a victory when you cheap is no victory at all
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