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Downloads Home » Custom Maps » Battle of ThemoplyaeV2

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Battle of ThemoplyaeV2

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.5
Improvements:300 spartans including Leonidas
AI cannot attack around the pass
larger number of enemy infantry
more historical than the recent movie

To install extract folder to: Data\world\maps\battle\custom

Go to historical battles in game to play
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dilios the pass is WAY TO wide!

they go around my units some times

make it smaller please

but this is much much better than other one.

[Edited on 05/11/07 @ 04:21 PM]

File Author
even though the pass was a chariot wide, I can't put the rocks any closer to together.(stupid battle editor)

I could make it so there is sea either side.

I have tried putting some script to keep the persians in battle, but it doesn't work the units just stand there

Rating: 4.5
Like the author said, this is the battle at Thermopylae, also called the ''Hot Gates'' because of the many hot springs there. It was the only way to get to the Greek cities, so this whas the place where the Greeks could hold the Persians. In this battle, about 6000 Greeks, 300 Thespians and 300 Spartans held the pass for 3 days. At the end of the second day, a traitor came to Xerxes, telling him that there's a little goath pass leading behind the Greek lines. Leonidas, king of Sparta heard that the Persian army finally knew of this pass, and he sent all the Greeks away, but the Thespians refused, and with them, Leonidas and his 300 Spartans made a last stand to give the Greek army time to get away. You lead this 'army', and you have to hold the Persians off for an hour. It is rather an impossible battle, as the Persians will surround you finally.

Additional Comments:
This is the best Thermopylae map I've seen so far, but it can be improved a little. Leonidas wasn't part of the 300, he led them. So the actual numbers of the Spartans came down of 301 men. If you change this, I'll give this map a 5. But for now, I have to give you a 4.5, you deserve it men! Thanks for sharing this great map with us;)
Koramei It was actually 1000 Thesbians, who when the rest of the greeks left, stayed behind with the Spartans. And remember. It was Thesbians, not Thespians. Thespians are actors.

[Edited on 04/07/08 @ 05:14 PM]

Official Reviewer
Rating: 4.5
Very good map, the terrain is excellent although the Persians immediately went for the side path... Anyway, out of the 5-6 thousand troops deployed by the Persians, i mananged to kill 4800 although my 300 were slaughtered to the last. The map was very enjoyable.

Additional Comments: Ah, i noticed you had a descr_script.txt thing, if you have any experience in Historical Battle scripting cutscenes it would be great if you could script us some battles for a mod me and a friend are working on. Anyway, if your interested : dinner4me333@hotmail.com
majornougat omfg i did wat u said i extracted to the right place but when i go to the game and historical battles theres still no thermoplae!!! its really pissing me off plz help me!
File Author
if your having trouble seeing the map, make sure the "Battle_of_ThemoplyaeV2" folder is located here:
Rome - Total War\Data\world\maps\battle\custom

also make sure that all map files have correct names

if you still can't see it try a vanilla install

Heiro GUYS!!! :D

Anyway, Why you put those friggin cavalry generals, without those marked with "general" mark the generals go to the first unit you added into army.

If the first unit you add to army of "Leonidas of Sparta" is Spartan hoplite then the general is added to that unit. Please change it , + I made my own Themoplyae map, but its under testing. To avoid Large pass I did put one "big hill or was it valley" near the border, only suc-ky part is that you cant add stuff far over border , so it looks like Persians are very Stupid :D , But the gameplay is 5+ ... You can avoid soldiers running by editing preferences folder (open the folder -its in Rome Total War- and then inside it is a text doc called "preferences"(just like the folder) .
After you open the text file there should be MORALE: TRUE - change it to FALSE, this should make solder to fight to the death, but I haven't tried it :D.
This is a long friggin post.

Hope it helps - didn't check the date also sorry if im like a year late lol. Just joined.

"Im from Estonia, so I don't have to have perfect English grammar"

"Excuse for shitty grammar"

"Be safe, dont crash, Like I just did whit my BMX"

"Im crazy, bored , just wrote it to make myself cool"

"But Im not"

"I thought I will delete all the sentences in quotatoes, but im too bored/lazy to do that, so I will post now, lol"
kingofsparta300 this battle is not impossible to win!!!! i won and not even 100 spartans were killed and my general survived. i killed over 4000 men and three out of four generals. this is not a joke

[Edited on 09/12/09 @ 07:53 PM]

ismellsmoke i beat it with about 100 troops left. did you mod the archers for infinite ammo or what? had to make some tricky moves to corner them but it's a fun board overall.

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