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Subrikél's Norse Vikings

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Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.5
Hail, fellow warlords! Welcome to our wizardry to allow thee to call forth Norse Vikings to thy warhosts.

These hardy warriors are especially useful for those wishing to command the warhosts of the Dark Forests. They wear coats of metal as do the swordsmen of other dwellers in wooden houses, and wield the axe of the Northern Forests. This axe may also be hurled against a foe, giving these warriors the ability to kill from afar and follow up with honorable melee.

Their impressive appearance is guaranteed to make dwellers in stone houses soil their undergarments, as they are giants from afar who come to slay and die in battle, for only the best are chosen by Odin’s handmaidens for life eternal in Valhalla.

They are not numerous, for the frozen north is not suited to a large population, and to call them to thy ranks requires great wealth and large ports to which they flock. But in battle they are more than worth the sacks of yellow metal they ask.

We are very proud to present this scroll- the Norse Vikings!

Tis common for us to use the Royal ‘We’ when writing, but in this scroll the ‘we’ refers in fact to two warlords, for two of us have pooled our thoughts and efforts into bringing thee these wonderful warriors. These Vikings began as a brainchild of the warlord Terikel Grayhair who had a desire for armored swordsmen for the People of the Dark Forest, but they were brought to life in our Virtual World by the hard work and dedication of the The Queen of the Ocean of Grass, the talented Lady SubRosa. Thus this scroll and the contents within are the result of a wonderful collaboration.

Within this scroll are all that thou does require to bring these heathen warriors to thy Virtual world. Merely open the scroll enumerated “Read Me” and follow the directions of the runes.

Luck and Fair Winds,

Terikel Grayhair of the Dark Forests
SubRosa of the Windswept Plains

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hock3yl1f3 hock3yl1f3
You clearly haven't read the review guidelines which is the second link in the top left. I suggest that you do before making comments like this in future.

[Edited on 04/15/08 @ 03:03 PM]

File Author
Sure, no problem.

For u nerds, this download allows Germans 2 get armord axe-dudes frm big ports. It allows other factions 2 recruit thm as mercs 2.

For others using Standard English, this file allows the Germans to recruit from shipwrights and dockyards armored axemen who can throw their axes. It also, if you so install that option, allows other factions to recruit them as mercenaries. Also, they are not meant to be ubertroops- pitting them against urbans will kill them, but rather a supplemental unit to strengthen and diversify an army, much like Gladiators.

Clear enough?

[Edited on 04/13/08 @ 12:05 PM]

Marcus Orentius
Official Reviewer
And Gaius says I'm harsh, bravo Terikel!

I was wondering, I'm going to revive my scythia mod and make it into a more general barbarian mod, so I was wondering if I could use your units in my mod?
ezekiel2517 i get an error while extracting. i downloaded twice to check and same thing.
SubRosa Hi ezekiel.

I can download and extract the files ok. So I do not think it is the file itself causing the problem.

Maybe it is what you are trying to extract them with? Or maybe there is not enough free space where you are trying to extract the files? What is the error message saying?
ezekiel2517 ! C:\Documents and Settings\Usuario\Escritorio\norse_vikings.zip: CRC failed in data\model_unit\norse_vikings_mercs_lod3.CAS. The file is corrupt
! C:\Documents and Settings\Usuario\Escritorio\norse_vikings.zip: The archive is corrupt
! C:\Documents and Settings\Usuario\Escritorio\norse_vikings.zip: CRC failed in data\model_unit\textures\norse_vikings_germans_gloss.tga.dds. The file is corrupt
! C:\Documents and Settings\Usuario\Escritorio\norse_vikings.zip: CRC failed in data\model_unit\textures\norse_vikings_mercs.tga. The file is corrupt

that is with WinRAR.

with WinZip it only says error while reading file

i download it with firefox, no download managers and got 2 gigs left of space in drive.

[Edited on 04/18/08 @ 06:09 PM]

SubRosa It was corrupted in the download. The failed CRC check means that the file that came out at your end is different from the one that was sent. Try downloading it again.
pokejunkie11 1. Is this for barbarian invasion?

2. where is the export_descr_unit file?
File Author
Thy answers, warlord Poke:

1. This scroll is for the use in our Virtual World entitled Rome:Total War Version 1.5

2. Within the Vault marked with the runes 'Data' resides the scroll Export_Descr_Unit thou does seek.
Official Reviewer
Functionality: 5
The unit is complete and functions as described, the unit is fully integrated into RTW with its own unit cards, descriptions, and projectiles. The missile attack works perfectly along with the melee, nothing negative to say here :).

Instructions: 5
Instructions are complete and allow for a reasonably easy installation, the instructions also foresees an deinstallation, warning the user to backup specific files. Although the instructions are written in a sort of "old" english, it is still fairly easy to understand what do to specifically and quickly.

Originality: 5
First viking mod i've reviewed and i must say i am impressed, everything is perfect.

Graphics: 5
The graphics are very good and seem as if Creative Assembly had designed it themselves, the unit cards are a very nice touch to make this seem even more professional. The faction colors also fit in and it is nice that Terikel thought of adding a merc unit.

Additional Comments:
Overall a very satisfactory and professional mod adding a viking to Germany's roster.

Somebody asked for a screen? Here it is.
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