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Building Modifications

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Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.5
Ok so this is a replacement for the export_descr_buildings file in RTW.

This mod basically makes it easier to keep public order for people who are tired of having to raze buildings every time they capture a new city just to reduce culture penalty. Hopefully the changes are seen as somewhat realistic. A short list of changes follows.

- Most military buildings now add a law bonus due to garrisons being stationed.

- Walls now add a happiness bonus.

- Sewage buildings and bath now add a happiness bonus as well as a health bonus.

- Academic buildings add a significant bonus to both law and health due to the training of doctors, judges, etc..

- Roman temples are now available to all roman families regardless of faction. For you strategists that includes access to Deceres and Corvus Quinquiremes so don't forget to build a naval temple or two.

- Build times have been slightly reduced to lessen the importance of the Mauseleum of Halicarnassus. Instead of a 2,3,4,6,7 most are now 1,2,3,4,6.

I realize this makes an already pretty easy game even simpler but really who wants to conquer a city, and then have to raze buildings and rebuild for 20 turns just to get rid of a culture penalty.

Also it seems to make the game a little harder because the AI previously had problems building armies due to problems keeping it's cities in-line. Maybe it's just me but I recall several games where the other families never even moved beyond their starting cities. With this mod the Scipii quickly take all of northern africa while the Brutii usually take all of Greece, Macedon, and a fair chunk of Dacia. This makes for a more exciting "civil war" at the endgame.

Anyways let me know what you think.
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HaydenofHades Does this file make rebellions impossible because yes i admit they are a pain in the arse most times but sometimes i like them so is there still a chance of one or does this make towns act like there on prozac?
File Author
This mod will not make rebellions impossible however they are easier to avoid. In a province of city level or higher the extra bonuses from appropriately upgraded buildings will be enough to negate any remaining culture penalty, and to a lesser extent distance penalty.

If for some reason a rebellion was desired in a largely upgraded city then you might have to destroy some civic buildings in order to lower public order enough, it would depend on how great a distance penalty you had and how large the population of the city was.

To clarify from my original post, this mod isn't intended to fix a balance problem in the original game. The difficulty of managing an expanding empire was put into the game for good reason.

This mod is intended for players who've already become adept at those techniques and don't want to continue devoting energy to the micromanagement of their empire.
pokejunkie11 one cheat dude:

process_cq "whatever city you want to build every qeued building in"

after destroying every building in the city
Official Reviewer
Rating: 4.5
Works correctly, and in my opinion improves gameplay, good job.

Additional Comments: Pokejunky: Yes but many players bought the game to play the game legitimatly, cheating detracts from the fun factor to many players.
LiquidSantanero Well, I play with julii faction, and they have the lamest selection of temples, so I use the money cheat so I could bribe some of the bruttii and scipii cities so I can upgrade my army to gold armor, or hand them some of my cities so they can build those temples I need. Trust me, I'm not proud at cheating, but I see no other choice. If this mod allows me to build temples like Mars, Vulcan and Neptune, I wouldn't have to cheat, the downside of this mod is, if I understood correctly, that the game will be more unbalanced than before. Carthage doesnt stand a chance, unless you mod the units to superhuman abilities, even so I still think they'll get owned by Scipii. And the Greeks, They suck. When being attacked by Brutii, they don't even bother breaking sieges, or besieging an occupied city that is a stone throw away. This annoys me because the greeks have also some temples that can be usefull or helpfull in the long run. Therefore I still believe I have to either keep using mods or cheats, so I can get what I want, which is, every culture/faction be fully upgraded and then face each other at their fullest potential.

Sry for the long comment, just thought I could voice my thoughts, it wont happen again.
Togoria Would had loved if the greek faction could build all greek temples.

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