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Rome Total War: Evolution

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Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.5
Scythia, Spain, Rome, Carthage, Macedon, everybody have incredible units in their hands, but only a great decision can change the history, now you can train a incredible force in a core building, scythia, spain, rome, the seleucid empire, carthage and armenia was chosen to change the history with their best units, but you are the chosen one to command their forces, chose your favorite faction, recruit the best army, conquer cities in question of seconds, build in record time, and fight to be the emperor of the old world

Only for brave players
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File Author
If someone have a question about this mod, this is only the first pass, i'm working in a expansion for this mod, but i need your comentaries about my job.

Please rate my job, its very important for me to know which things i have to change to give a better service

[Edited on 01/29/10 @ 11:13 AM]

Legend_of_Rome I havent downloaded the mod (maybe i will) but can you please show some screenshots. And make a FAQ. So i can see what the mod contains. A DETAILED ONE. And i have an idea. To the expansio. You could make some historical battles (dunno if u already have but...) and u could do so ALL factions have some special units. But some factions have more special units then other.

Just an idea.

P.S. Somehow... i could help u with the historical maps. Dunno how to send u the maps... but we can maybe work that out.
Legend_of_Rome Forgot to say this...

If u wantmy help, then we could try to make it to a RTE. Rome Total Evolution. So the mod changes EVERYTHING. Just like the Europa Barborum. And SPQR total war. And Rome Total Realism. Just like all those. But i dont have all that experience in moding. But i can make some historical battles. And if can find more help.....

Please answer me if u want my help... or not
Rating: 3.5
Great work dude. But i have seen most of the units u have changed. And i have been impressed. But if i shall be critic, then i have notices this:

Spain: I havent seen all the units but those that i have seen... are great work. But maybe a little more reskin. They look kinda the same. I THINK ONLY if im a critic. But im critic so u can make the mod better.

Selcuids: AWESOME DUDE. I cant realysee anything bad here. ONLY ONE THING. And i dont know if u have skined that. But the Archers on the elephants could be better. There like peasants. I realy like the HEADS. There terrorlized. lol.

Rome: Gladiators is good. All the legionary's are good... BUT. The some of them have a different body armor. It is some armor that isnt like the praetorians. It is the early legionary cohort. I dont think that it suit them. They should be more like in the game "SPQR total war". If u have played it. Try find some screenshots of that. Then u will see what i meen.

Scythia: Im not saying that girls cant fight. But i dont think that it suit rome total evolution. If im historical correct. Girls didnt fight back in the time the game is made. Men didnt think that they could. But els..... great job. And the Axemens... there awesome dude.

Armenia: The Earstern Infantry are VERY good. And the Armenian Legionaries are just AWESOME. Incridible. Cool. The Cataphracts are realy cool. There the best. Great work. MAYBE they should get a shield. Not sure. Maybe. And the Beoudin archers. Cool. Heavy Spears: BIGGER SHIELDS DUDE. there to small. but els great.

Sorry if i have places some units in the whrong factions. But i hope u know what i mean.

additional Comments:

If u want to work with me. We could make a forum in TWCENTER. There u can get a fforum for ur own mod. But only the BIG mods. So then we will jhave to make a mod like Europa baborum. And all those. And then we probably need some more help. But we can get that.
AND then we should make it more historical correct. I will tell u more about that if u will work wiith me.
File Author
Well... about the scythian maidens, you're macho man! lol, but well, is a game, and all the things in a game can't be truth, well, i was working in the romans, seleucids, carthaginians and greeks, changing their best units, after i show you some screenshots of the new units, the silver shield legionaries don't have the great power than they have before, but the silver shield pikemen are hoplites now, the seleucid cataphracts to, the romans have a new unit, dark triarii, and the four roman factions have their own special infantry, the royal and elite cavalry of all the factions are... invencible, in less words, the sacred band, spartans, royal pikemen, praetorians, first cohort, and pharaon's guards have new skins, everybody will like this new version ;-)

PD: the scythian don't change anything, well, their chosen archers are very powerfull
Legend_of_Rome But do you want to start a mod with me...

I can do the reserch. U can do the skin.And then we will be anle to find some help... in twcenter. We just need to start a forum there. A forum to our mod. Everybody can start a forum to there mod...

But do you want to... or not
File Author
Yes why not? to be truth, i started it when i ask you about that lol.

I have a lot of skins of my mod and your mod, i change them, and the units... to, the romans can build temples to Mars and recruit there arcani, i change the model of the greek cavalry, they are hoplites but on a horse, well, in the forum i talk with you about this, i don't want to said the details of the new mod. :-P

[Edited on 02/20/10 @ 09:52 AM]

Legend_of_Rome ok.. but i think we need to start a forum in twcenter.net...

Then we can discust it all...

What do u say to that?
File Author
Its a great idea, but, i have other idea, why not we make a diferent mod? like empires and traders - total war but in the ancient greece? if you know about a game called master of olympus - zeus, i think we have to make a mod like that game, if you don't know about that game, you can go to the page of sierra games and found it.

And in the forum in twc, there i'll tell you about all the plan.

[Edited on 02/21/10 @ 09:16 PM]

Legend_of_Rome ok... sounds great.. one latst question...

WITCH forum in twcenter. Are u making one for the mod... or are you talking about another forum???
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