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New British Units

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Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.5
This mod includes a totally new unit roster for the Britons (well, almost), a new unit for Gaul and various tweaks to a number of other barbarian units (Naked Fanatics have better defence and 1-turn recruit, warbands are cheaper, German spear warband is weaker, all Spanish infantry units are better). The new British unit roster was created with an eye to historical accuracy and creating a good balance of unit types. The Britons now have access to: Peasants, Warband, Swordsmen, Tribal Champions, Naked Fanatics, Druids, Slingers, Chosen Slingers, Warhounds, Barbarian Cavalry, War Chariots and British Warlord's Chariot Bodyguard. All units have been reskinned (except peasants - I mean come on), to make them - hopefully - both cooler and more historically accurate. For instance, the Celtic limed hair is gone to reflect the fact that the Britons did not endorse that custom (the Gauls have it now instead), and most units have warpaint. There is also a new mercenary unit, available in custom battles to Gaul and the Julii and recruitable in Britain: British Slinger Mercenaries. Spain can now train Balearic Slinger Mercenaries from a Tier 3 range and they have been reskinned, and Gaul can train Horseborne Heroes (basically Gothic Cavalry only marginally weaker) from a Sacred Circle to Epona.

Download, unzip. Further instructions are included in the download. If there are any problems or it doesn't even work, PLEASE tell me (preferably in the comments section below) - I am aware of some issues, but two pairs of eyes are better than one.

Happy conquering the Mainland with the rebalanced Britons!

skins redone, new unit cards and info pictures redone, several fixes and adjustments.
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Claudius Caesar I must say, the shortcut icon is very clever. I can't wait to give some of these guys a shot in actual combat, though it seems for one reason or another my copy of RTW won't let me start a new campaign...probably made a mistake somewhere when I hacked the descr_strat file...I'll have to change that back I guess *sighs* A quick fix at least.
File Author
aue, Caesar Claudie! Thanks for your comment.

It is quite possible the reason for the campaign not loading is my fault - I was toying with the map files for the next step in this modification when I uploaded the second update. I'll check the download and see.

EDIT: should definitely be working. I've got a neat defensive campaign ongoing. :)

[Edited on 12/19/10 @ 10:25 AM]

Ironmaidenrock3 I think you are mistaken, both Britons AND gauls used limed hair, but Britons are more famed for using it, also, could you give other celts woad units aswell, only if it is possible, as not only the Britons used woad
File Author
The Britons and Gauls, while both celtic, were not a single people. No historical text documents either Gauls with woad warpaint or Britons with limed hair, and what archaeological evidence of bodies we have certainly doesn't represent that level of detail.
Ironmaidenrock3 "They are very tall in stature, with rippling muscles under clear white skin. Their hair is blond, but not naturally so: they bleach it, to this day, artificially, washing it in lime and combing it back from their foreheads. They look like wood-demons, their hair thick and shaggy like a horse's mane. Some of them are clean-shaven, but others - especially those of high rank - shave their cheeks but leave a moustache that covers the whole mouth"
Diodorus Siculus, quote from http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/Homework/celts.htm, he was from around 60BC-30BC, and he visited britain, and even he says, that Britons limed their hair, I am not saying Gauls didn't, just saying that britons did. Oh, I didn't say they were a single people either.

[Edited on 03/30/11 @ 01:37 PM]

File Author
If you trace that quote back to its source, you will find that Diodorus was in fact speaking of the Gauls, not the Britons. It is only if you decide to conflate the two under the banner of "Celts" and apply everything that one had to the other that you will find blue-painted Gauls in roundhouses and lime-haired Britons in longhouses.

EDIT: I would be very surprised if Diodorus had in fact visited Britain. Himilco did, Pytheas did, Caesar did (obviously), Tacitus knew someone who did... I don't think we have any evidence that Diodorus did, or even that he got as far as Transalpine Gaul - otherwise he might have known that hurricanes are not a common occurrence there (Bibliotheca Historia V:26).

[Edited on 03/30/11 @ 02:04 PM]

NBT Glen hurricians in gual ???? what?! lol
NBT Glen u might want to check the shields there square instead of round :(
File Author
Yeah I know, can't work out what's causing that, I haven't cjanged the model only the skin and the "corners" of the "circle" *should* be transparent... when I put my graphics settings on max only the soldier on the far right at the front has a square shield and bad hair, the rest are fine.
NBT Glen i have detail on max for soilders and the shields are white did u pick them out of barbarien totoal war because that seems to be an issue there
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