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Downloads Home » Modpacks » Rome Total War - Professional Armies Mod v1.03 (Updated June 21st, 2016)

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Rome Total War - Professional Armies Mod v1.03 (Updated June 21st, 2016)

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Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.5
(Updated since June 21st, 2016).

Edit: (June 21st, 2016): Pro Armies Mod, v1.03:

- Historic Campaign added; more accurate starting positions/money, strategies, etc. Should see Thrace, Dacia, Germania, Gauls, playing much better, and Carthage and Rome doing better.

- Rebalanced Chariots: they now take up less room as individual units (4.2, 1.2) rather than (6.0, 1.5), but their defense skill is reduced greatly to (7+8), rather than (7+17), etc., making them more killable in the field and on autobattle.

- Legionaries are much better in field battle defense; a little better auto-battle value

- Berserkers, Arcani, Druids made useful by increasing numbers, while keeping defense skill up a bit, and changing formations to square.

- Roman army balanced

- Lighter Skirmish Cavalry units now have +3/+4 javelins

- Thracian army balanced (get Thracian Peltasts, Odrysian Cavalry, Thracian Royal Cavalry)

- Better ships enabled for most civs (Quinquireme, Decere); improved versions enabled for Romans (Corvus Quinquireme, +2 rank; Decere +1 rank, etc).

- 1 turn Spammable units reduced to just a few light infantry and skirmishers, with a handful or light cavalry/and/or/skirmish cavalry

- Improved Playability of Campaigns; All Barbarian Factions get Paved Roads, Crop Rotation; Egyptian Factions gets Phalanx Pikemen/Companion Cavalry; Macedonians get Heavy Peltasts; Greeks get Companions (Pergameme Heitaroi), Thessalians (Macedonian Cavalry), Phalanx Pikemen.

- Made Pontus, Seleucids, Thrace, Parthia, Armenia all stronger so they do not lose to Egypt; also given Egypt more enemies.

- Carthage does sometimes lose to Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, but beats Numidia.


Edit: (May 4th, 2013): Pro Armies Mod, v1.02:

- Chariots have less men, but greater defense skill (this works out that they may last about the same time, or slightly longer, but they do less initial damage to enemy units); Scythed Chariots now take 3 Turns to complete. (Scythed Chariots now have 6 Chariots; Egyptian have 7 Chariots, etc.)

- Some Heavy Cavalry units have more morale, and some, such as Cappadocian Cavalry are slighly weaker.

- Long Shield Cavalry and Roman Cavalry have 2 Hitpoints, but are much weaker in armor and shield value. This gives them the feel of proto-heavy cavalry, but by no means should they be expected to carry the weight of an assault.

- Forest Elephants have less elephants, but have increased armor.

- All elephant units take 3 Turns to complete; all have less men and elephants, but slightly increased defense skill and increased missile attack.

- Elite Pike Phalanx units have +2 Morale

- Silver Shield Legionaries have +2 Morale

- Barbarian Cavalry and Woad Cavalry also have 2 Hitpoints, but no armor and much less shield value; this makes them 'durable' light cavalry.

- Cataphracts and Cataphract Camels have +1 spear attack.

- Eastern Armoured Generals Bodyguard has more damage, and Pontic Eastern Armoured General has +1 defense skill.

- Armenian Heavy Spearmen now have +2 morale

- Armenian Legionaries and Numidian Legionaries now have +3 more morale; now take both 1 turn to complete

- Nerfed Macedon's start in the Imperial Campaign, nerfed slightly Greeks start and Thracian Start, and made Macedonian Royal Pikemen available later, as well as Greek Hoplites available early at the Muster Field only in Greece and the Aegean Sea regions.

- Nerfed Egypts starting money and starting army; Seleucids now start with a group of Armoured Elephants instead of War Elephants, and also start with a group of Cataphracts (which replaces a Greek Cavalry regiment). Seleucids now start with 7000 denarii in the Imperial Campaign; Egypt with 3000 denarii.

- Certain nations receive certain law bonuses at their capitols or at basic settlements, some receive drastic bonuses of tradeable goods at their capitols (Antioch, Carthage, etc.), as to make these cities very important and to make it actually hard to destroy a computer nation - thus even with two cities they will get much money, enough to build their elite units, which are highly capable of defeating your armies.

- some minor things here and there

Edit: (March 7th, 2013): Pro Armies Mod, v1.01:

- rebalanced units morale/statistics here and there

- Peltast units have a little less morale

- Chariots are once again available earlier

- improved starting armies for Seleucids, Carthage, Macedon, Greek Cities, Egypt, Pontus, Thrace, Armenia (slightly), Dacia (slightly) and Spain.

- Spain can get stone walls, and now many of their cities start with them.

- Rebalanced some experience-giving temples; some now give morale bonuses in addition to minor experience bonuses.

- Cataphracts and Companion Cavalry are slightly better; Cataphracts have good stamina and now scare infantry.

- Scythia now can train a new unit: Scythian Cataphract Lancers. They are slightly stronger versions of Scythian Nobles.

- Better stamina for Numidian and Scythian Cavalry units

- Roman Legionaries have +1 more morale

- Desert Infantry, Eastern Infantry, etc. now have 1 less morale.

- Pike Phalanx units (Silver Shields, Bronze Shields) now have only 2 Shield value; Pike Phalanxes now have good stamina.

- upkeep changed for a few heavy cavalry units

- Numidian Cavalry and Mercenary Numidian Cavalry now have +1 additional javelin, +1 defence skill and +1 morale.

- some light cavalry units morale increased or decreased by 1.

- fixed some additional missing pictures for any units.

- Pontic Heavy Cavalry improved; given good stamina. Cappadocian Cavalry now also have good stamina.

- Bactrian Cavalry and Thessalian Cavalry are now more often available

- Heavy Cavalry units are no longer fast moving.

- Updated Res_Publica mod and fixed bug where the game would crash when the player looked at Messena.

- brought back previous charge attack for most light cavalry units.

- Few minor changes here and there.

Edit: (Nov. 15, 2012):

- Heavy Cavalry now have 2 Hitpoints, but have less armor to compensate (this makes cavalry-chariot battles more fair and gives cavalry a sort of staying power)

- elephants do less damage against chariots

- many low-quality units' upkeep reduced.

- many non-roman low-quality units' can be trained en masse (more than one a turn)

- little less morale for infantry units

- little less morale for Horse Archers

- Skirmish Cavalry units have more defense skill; Numidian Cavalry have +1 Javelin

- Cataphracts, Camel Cataphracts, Cataphract Archers, Cappadocian Cavalry and Bactrian Cavalry all have their upkeep greatly increased. (Limits how many you want of these great units).

- fixed some missing pictures for new mercenary units.

- More accurate Mercenary locations: You can no longer hire Scythians or Sarmatian Mercenaries in Pontus or Armenia; rather you can hire Hoplites and Barbarian Mercenaries. Mercenary Elephants in the East are limited to Media and Persia (rather than available in the whole middle-east).

- some light cavalry have increased defense, but less hand attack and charge attack.

- some Heavy cavalry are now fast moving

- Numidian Camel Riders can now form wedge

Edit: (Oct. 19th):

- Cataphract Archers are now again available at the Elite Cavalry Stables for Armenia (instead of at the Cavalry Stables).

- Armenia's starting campaign improved

- Armoured Eastern Generals now have -1 defense skill.

- Egyptian Heavy Chariots and Greek War Chariots have 21 men and 7 chariots (down from 24 men and 8 chariots).

- Sacred Band Cavalry now inspire units; Chosen Swordsmen no longer do.

- Sacred Band Infantry have +1 defense skill and +1 morale.

Edit: (Sept. 23rd)

- Added a modified Res_Publica as a Provincial campaign. All credit goes to General_Kick*** for making the production.

Original author's post:


I have added several starting units to Res_Publica like I have done to the original Imperial Campaign. I may upload another which gives Carthage some starting stone walls in Corduba and/or starting Poeni Infantry. Right now, Macedon looks quite grim (they expand viciously even on my modded original), but I have tried to reduce their advantage by lowering the possibility to recruit Mercenary Greek War Chariots in Macedon, Thrace, and removed them from lower Greece. I have added Thessalian Cavalry to Thessaly instead, and Bactrian Cavalry to Media. This both for the modified Res_Publica and the original modified campaign.


Hello all!

This is my first modification for Rome Total War. I love this game and was first excited by the modding community here. I started modding this game about two months ago.

I thought that in Rome Total War, units simply did not have enough morale. Elite units run too easily when outnumbered, and barbarian infantry run when they are hit by javelins. Chariots run away as they are about to charge. And Elephants would not be "shaken" as they charged into the enemy line. They would only become "shaken" when they are tired and have lost several men and are greatly outnumbered.

So I decided to make a morale patch as we could call it - make armies professional and Roman armies with supreme discipline. Also in this patch, slingers, archers and skirmishers have been addressed as they were useless before.

First I have used other unit pack modifications, but I have modified most of the unit statistics here and there:

Thracian Royal Cavalry: (Author GermanianMadman)


Mercenary Celtibrian Cavalry: (Author Eyrypylos)


German Mercenaries: (Author Andalus)


Additional Unit Pack 1.1.b: (Author Andalus)


(I kept only those I thought more historically accurate)

Poeni Archers for Carthage: (Andalus)


Patch Notes (just a summary)


- Most units now have +2 to +6 morale or greater.

- Chariots made much stronger in hitpoints - they are no longer 100% allergic to phalanxes, though it is not a good idea to charge head on if at all possible. Scythed chariots no longer run amok.

- Elephants have their armor increased so that they withstand missiles better and don't run amok as quickly; also they have increased defense skill. Large Elephants have their hitpoints increased to 15 (up from 12). Small Elephants have their hitpoints increased to 12 (up from 10). Elephants have less attack and less charge bonus. Elephants have greatly increased upkeep.

- All Infantry have their unit count increased by from 40 to 45. Slingers have much better range, low-ranged archers have better range, skirmishers can now hide anywhere.

- All Cavalry and Chariots have their unit count decreased to 24 (8 chariots total). General Cavalry reduced to 10, Advanced General Cavalry reduced to 10; General Cavalry cost less in Custom Battles.

- Non-General Cavalry have slightly increased upkeep.

- Skirmishers have +5 Range and +2 Ranged Attack, but less attack against Elephants. Skirmish Cavalry units have +5 range and some have increased damage.

- Pilum units have +5 Range, and Elite Legionary units have their Pilum attack decreased.

- All Foot Archers have 21 ammunition (down from 30), all slingers have 31 ammunitions, all horse archers have 27 ammunition, all chariot archers have 33 ammunition.

- Slingers and Peltast units generally have less upkeep now.

- A few infantry units now cost less/slightly more, upkeep varied here and there. Units have some more tactical options, like Hillmen being able to hide anywhere, and with better attack and defense.

- Most spearmen/light infantry have their defense and attack increased slightly (Eastern Infantry, Warbands, Desert Infantry, etc.)

- Ballistas and Scorpions have more range.

- Rebalanced some Barbarian units.

- Elite units made truly Elite.

- Added new units: Mercenary Greek War Chariots, Roman Ridiculii (For fun - Triarii on Horse), Spanish Celtibrian Cavalry.


- Academies now give a law bonus.

- Royal Palace now gives a small law bonus.

- Temples re-balanced here and there - overall effects not changed.

- Aqueducts and City Plumbing give happiness bonuses.

- Epic Stone Wall gives a small happiness bonus.

- Later Barracks, Stables, and Archery Range buildings train ranked up troops.

Campaign Map:

- Certain buildings and units added from the beginning to Parthia, Carthage, Seleucids, Macedonians, etc., in order that these civilization may cope better with more professional armies quicker. Carthage starts with a better navy and so do the Greeks. Both of these can train Triremes at the start of the game.

- Carthage now gains more ranked up Iberian Infantry from cities in Spain.

- Roman Julii Faction no longer start with ports, but with more military buildings. Roman Scipii start with more soldiers, and all Roman soldiers can be trained earlier at certain barracks. Also, Romans can only train Biremes until they get a Dockyard.


I have incorporated slightly better tactics for the AI: They put some chariots at the front of the formation (idea taken from the Darthmod) and pretty much no difference other than that they most of the time try and not engage their general in the melee. I am an amatuer at this, but I hope I have made it better.


I have included Darth Vader's "Darthmod AI" with the download. This is a superb AI, and I advise you try it. Comes with a backup of the original AI as well.


I am not particularly great at modifying unit portraits, but I hope to give what I can at a type of balance patch. I hope I do not offend others by borrowing units from other mods here and there but giving them credit. I have not mentioned a lot of features included in my modification, but do hope to give you the feel of, for instance, a professional Roman Army for the Romans with "Awesome Discipline" instead of half decent discipline. And Armies like Armenia or Numidia should have tough soldiers - but not legionaries on par of that with the Romans. So that is what I intended to do. But the game is played still in the same basic way.

Anyways, enjoy my mod!


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4.5

Been playing this mod since soon after the latest version has been released. Definitely an improvement over the vanilla game, and many details have been altered which overall gives a fresh feeling to RTW, great job!

Unit size is altered, many elite units now have "eagle" affect on morale. Most units have much better stamina and morale, meaning that AI armies a third the size of yours will often choose to stand rather than flee when you attack them. Battles against the AI are more challenging

Most clans have a few new units, and this has added extra flexibility to several clans. Also several new mercenaries available. Some clans feel much the same, others quite different.

Cities are slightly easier to control at large sizes as library, scriptorium and lugdus magna all now give law bonus.

A lot of other changes, read the file description for full info. I like this mod and I think I will keep it instead of the vanilla game.

Down side is that chariots are insanely powerful, they can charge directly into a dense line of elite phalanx units and often still live a while to mince you some. They will cause damage to infantry and cavalry. Auto resolve when the AI army has even one chariot unit is a bad idea. This was imo a flaw in the original game, which made Egypt overly powerful, and it has noticeably been made more of an issue. Of course if you like playing a clan with access to chariots, its great for you =)

Other downside is Macedon. This clan for some reason (maybe due to alterations of its unit roster) is like the three roman clans in terms of expansion. Expect Greece and Thrace to die early. Sometimes Macedon drives the Brutii out of Greece, sometimes they expand so far north that the Germans are destroyed and even the Scythians. Sometimes they also spread south to Africa and attack Egypt or Numibia. If you play a clan to the East of Macedon, you might not even see Romans until you attack Macedon and get through the band of black and orange across the map. If you play as a clan immediately next to Macedon, their expansion will probably not occur if you hit them hard and fast early in the game.

With some clans it can be hard to get to Gold upgrades for weapons and armor, but this was also the case in the original game. One other minor thing I noted is that some Spanish settlements start with stone walls. When you have diplomatic "map information" but have not revealed the fog of war, the settlements appear as barbarian villages with no fortification at all, then when revealed, they are eastern with stone walls. No idea how you would fix this.

If I were to make suggestions about how to improve this mod, it would be to somehow tone down Macedon (I think each faction has built in traits that affect how the AI behaves and how aggressive they are, maybe this can be altered?) and reduce the effectiveness of chariots. Also one mod I tried had the good idea of turning Jerusalem into a rebel controlled large city with a full stack defense to keep Egypt and Selucids separated until later in the game. Also I miss the Decere and the Corvus Quinquirime when playing as SPQR =(

[Edited on 04/16/13 @ 06:16 PM]

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