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Basic Army Mod (May 24)

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Game Version: Rome: Total War 1.5
This is a shorter work than my earlier mod, and it includes an easy install/uninstall because it only changes stock units.

I want to make a final version soon.

The recent updates have been through campaign experience, tested while facing large armies of AI troops.


Update May 24: Also changed from base mod:

Basically to summarize many more units can be trained in a turn, stronger barbarian units, weaker elephants/chariots.

- Elephants defense skill & less armor (-2 defense skill; -3, -4, -5 armor)
- Chariots less defense skill (-4, -5)
- Elephants & Chariots less archer/charioteer hitpoints (3, 1; was 5, 2, and this caused bad auto-battles)
- British Barbarian Warlord & Egyptian Chariot General less charioteer hitpoints (2; was 3)
- Scythed Chariots may run amok
- Swordsmen train many in a turn
- Barbarian Cavalry train many in a turn
- Greek Cavalry train many in a turn
- Light Lancers train 1 per turn
- Hastasti, Principes, Triarii bonus vs Elephants and Chariots
- Legionaries & Auxilia bonus vs Elephants and Chariots
- Scutarii, Spanish Mercenaries, Bull Warriors, bonus vs Elephants and Chariots
- Hillmen, Armenian Legionaries, Numidian Legionaries, Silver Shield Legionaries same
- Screeching Women reduced defense skill
- Desert Cavalry, Nubian Cavalry increased defense
- Scythian Nobles & Nobles Archers increased armor/stats
- Legionary Cavalry & Praetorian Cavalry increased +1 attack
- Governor's Buildings increased Health by 15%, Happiness by 15%, Population Growth by 1.5%, Law by 15%
- Long Shield Cavalry increased defense/attack & increased shield
- Companion Cavalry, Sacred Band Cavalry no longer have Inspiration ability
- Cataphract, Cataphract Camels, Cappdocian Cavalry, Cataphract Archers less defense
- Pontic Heavy Cavalry less defense skill & more armor, Persian Cavalry increased combat & morale
- Archer Warband Dacian & Scythian train many in a turn
- Greek Archers train 1 per turn
- Scutarii & Principes train many in a turn
- Earlier penalties for Infantry Units vs Cavalry removed
- Secondary defense skill raised for Elite Foot Archers, Better Skirmisher Units to 2 (up from 1)
- Horse Archers, Camel Archers, Bedouin Archers & Scythian Horse Archers get better shield
- Rhodian & Balearic Slingers better armor and morale
- Naked Fanatics, Night Raiders, Swordsmen increased attack
- Falxmen, Swordsmen, Axemen increased armor
- Chosen Swordsmen & Chosen Axemen increased armor
- Governor's Buildings for give +1 Experience to Troops
- Libyan Spearmen, Desert Infantry can be trained many in a turn
- Heavy Spearmen increased morale
- Numidian Cavalry can be trained many in a turn
- Carthage can train Spanish Mercenaries at City Barracks
- Carthage can train Numidian Mercenaries from Cavalry Stables
- Gothic Cavalry increased armor, cost and damage
- Sacred Band Cavalry better stamina, more armor/damage, train 1 per turn
- Poeni Infantry more armor/less defense skill, more morale
- Long Shield Cavalry train many in a turn
- Armor Piercing removed for all Foot Archers, Slingers and Horse Archers who had it
- Sacred Band, Armoured Hoplites, Spartan Hoplites, Poeni Infantry more secondary defense (4 up from 3)
- Heavy Spearmen train 1 per turn
- Phalanx Pikemen less morale
- Levy Pikemen more morale
- Axemen train many per turn
- Falxmen train 1 per turn
- Macedonian Cavalry train 1 per 2 turns
- Poeni Infantry train many in a turn
- Sacred Band Cavalry available at Elite Cavalry Stables
- Armoured Hoplites train many per turn
- Greek Cities can train Thracian Mercenaries from Militia Barracks and up
- Greek Cities can train Mercenary War Elephants from Hippodrome in Elephant regions
- Slingers get bonus vs Elephants and Chariots
- Triarii get reduced morale
- Silver Shield Pikemen, Royal Pikemen reduced morale
- Greek Cavalry less armor, more defense skill
- Iberian Infantry get 240 cost (instead of 290)
- Samnite Gladiators & Mirmillo Gladiators less morale
- Hoplites & Mercenary Hoplites 400 cost (instead of 420), more secondary defense (3 up from 2)
- Spartan Hoplites 1190 Cost (instead of 1090), improved defense skill & armor
- Late Carthaginian General Guard Cavalry have better stamina
- Elephants have better charge bonus (7, 8), Small Elephants unit has less damage (5)
- Forester Warband 700 Cost (instead of 720), more secondary defense (3 up from 2) & more melee damage (10)
- Egyptian Chariots & British Heavy Chariots now Frighten Foot
- Egyptian Chariot Archers, Chariot Archers & British Light Chariots now Frighten Foot
- Sacred Band no longer has Inspiration ability, 710 Cost (instead of 830), more damage (13)
- Royal Cavalry Stables for Carthaginian Factions gives 1 Experience Long Shield Cavalry
- Sacred Band more morale, take 1 turn to train
- Cataphracts & Cataphract Camels more armor less defense
- Pontic Heavy Cavalry, Persian Cavalry, Cataphract Archers more melee damage (9)
- Noble Cavalry, Gothic Cavalry, Cappdocian Cavalry, Legionary Cavalry, Praetorian Cavalry more shield (4)
- Scythian Nobles & Sarmatian Mercenaries increased armor (8) and charge (10)
- Scythian Noble Archers increased armor (8) and defense skill (8)
- Gothic Cavalry 790 cost, increased armor (7), defense skill and damage (13)
- Iberian Infantry less stamina
- Town Watch & Town Miltia more morale and stamina
- Companion Cavalry 760 cost (instead of 950)
- Sacred Band Cavalry 780 Cost (instead of 820)
- Elephants have reduced hitpoints (10, 12, 12 instead of 12, 14, 15)
- Elephants have reduced secondary armor (5, 7, 10 instead of 7, 10, 12)
- Royal Pikemen no longer have Inspiration ability
- Forester Warband more melee and ranged damage (11, 11)
- All Archery with 3 shield now have 4
- All Infantry with 3 shield now have 4
- Pontic Heavy Cavalry have 4 Shield
- Egyptian Chariot Archers & Light Chariots increased morale
- Chosen Archer Warband & Pharaoh's Bowmen increased melee damage (10, 9)
- Forester Warband, Chosen Archer Warband & Pharaoh's Bowmen increased morale
- Round Shield Cavalry can use Wedge Formation
- Head Hunting Maidens can use Wedge Formation
- Light Lancers can use Wedge Formation
- Barbarian Cavalry, Noble Cavalry, Arab Cavalry, Bedouin Warriors can use Wedge Formation
- Scythian Nobles, Barbarian Cavalry Mercenaries, Sarmatian Mercenaries can use Wedge Formation
- Head Hunting Maidens & Scythian Noble Women have increased morale, armor, shield, less defense skill
- Bastarnae & Bastarnae Mercenaries more armor
- Nile Cavalry more damage
- Royal Pikemen less defense skill, more damage
- General's Cavalry more damage (all factions)
- Sacred Band Cavalry & Companion Cavalry less defense skill
- Companion Cavalry less damage
- All Heavy Cavalry less Secondary Defense skill (3 or 4, rather than 4 and 6)
- Long Shield Cavalry, Numidian Cavalry & Numdian Camel Riders, less defense
- Long Shield Cavalry more damage
- Pontic Light Cavalry & Militia Cavalry less Javelins (8)
- Cataphracts, Cataphract Camels, Cappadocian Cavalry less morale
- Persian Cavalry & Pontic Heavy Cavalry more morale
- Bronze Shields, Royal Pikemen, Silver Shield Pikemen less morale
- Spear bonus for Auxilia, Libyan Spearmen, Triarii, Warband, Eastern Infantry increased
- Spear bonus for Eastern Mercenaries, Forester Warband and Barbarian Mercenaries increased
- Spear bonus for Velite Gladiators and Mirmillo Gladiators reduced
- Rebel Generals brought up to about same standard as Faction Generals
- Slingers have increased attack vs Elephants
- Companion Cavalry 1 less additional defense skill


Things addressed from Professional Armies:

- Chariots of all kinds have weaker defense skill (4 to 5 less)

- Units are brought up to original troop sizes (18, 27, 40, 60)

- Units use more compact formations

- Elephants take 3 turns to complete

- Chariots take 3 turns to complete

- All unit morale increased from stock game

- All unit stats and secondary stats increased from stock game

- Many units and ships can be trained multiple in a turn

- Unit upkeep changed, lowered for many and increased for a few

- No change to rosters, Mercenaries more available in Custom Battles

- No new units added


Changes to Buildings for this mod:

- Governor's Buildings increased Health by 15%, Happiness by 15%, Population Growth by 1.5%, Law by 15%

- Governor's Buildings for give +1 Experience to Troops for Barbarians, Carthaginians, Numidians and Spanish


Install into:

Program Files (86x) - Steam - Steam Apps - common - Rome Total War Gold - data

Backup included.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
I recommend playing this campaign on Medium to Hard Difficulty with Basic Armies Mod:


It has unified Roman Faction, plus better starts for Carthage, Seleucids, Thrace, and so on.
File Author
My Bastarnae and Militia Cavalry defeated an Army of Carthage with Elephants and Poeni Infantry; the feeling I get when my warriors hack them to pieces is exhilarating!

If you've ever loved Barbarian Warcrys, this mod is for you!

If you've ever liked challenging battles on Medium Difficulty, this is for you!

[Edited on 06/06/21 @ 01:13 PM]

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