A Few Important Gallic Tribes

By Ignoramus

The Helvetii were a Gallic tribe living in modern day Switzerland. In 58 B.C. their chieftain Orgetorix planned a migration into Aquitania, which according to Caesar, consisted of 370,000 people. They burned all their villages and towns and took two years to gather enough food for the journey. They marched through the lands of the Aedui, Rome's ally. The Aedui appealed for help and Julius Caesar recruited two more legions in Cisalpine Gaul to add to his other 4 legions, the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. The Helvetii were decisively defeated by Caesar near the Aeduian capital of Bibracte. According to Caesar, 130,000 Helvetian warriors were killed. After their crushing defeat, the Helvetii were sent back to their former territory as a buffer against the Germanic tribes.

The Aedui were a Gallic tribe living in Central Gaul between the Arar (Saone) and the Liger (Loire). They constantly quarrelled with the Sequani, their neighbouring tribe on the other side of the Arar. The Sequnai subjugated the Aedui with the help of Ariovistus, a German chieftain. In 58 B.C. the Roman restored Aeduian independence. However, they joined with Vercingetorix against the Romans. After the Gallic Wars, the Aeduians were incorporated into Roman Gaul.

The Boii were a Gallic tribe first living in Bohemia. Some of them later migrated to Northern Italy, but got conquered by the Romans in the late 3rd century B.C.

The Parisii were a Gallic tribe living on the banks of the river Seine. The modern city of Paris was named after the Parisii tribe. Some of the Parisii tribe migrated to northern Britain. More may have migrated after their defeat in 52 B.C. by the Romans. They joined Vercingetorix against the Romans, and like the other Gallic tribes, they were defeated and became part of Roman Gaul.