Roman History

General Summary of Roman History, 264BC-14AD

Roman Military

Roman Politics

The First Punic War

Lord_Morningstar gives us a highly detailed article about the first Punic War.

The 10th Legion

The first of a 10 part article by Ignoramus.

Caesarean Legions

Ichbinian takes us for a very in-depth look of the dominating legions that marched under Caesar.

The Punic Wars

Celer gives us a summary of the Punic Wars.

The Gladiatorial Games

Night_Raider tells us about the Roman gladiators.

The Illyrian Wars

Johndisp tells us about the Illyrian Wars.

The Legend of Spartacus

Johndisp tells us about the rise and fall of Spartacus.

Pirates vs. Rome

Johndisp tells us about how the Romans overcame the pirate threat.

The Fall of Carthage

Maximus09 accounts for the Third Punic War.

The Second Punic War

Lord_Morningstar provides us with another thorough article. This time on the Second Punic War.

Thorns in the Roman Side

Johndisp gives us some insight into some of the people who cause Rome a lot of trouble.

The Founding of Rome

Pallin tells us about the mythical founding of Rome.

Senatorial Offices

Pallin tells us about the Senate and the senatorial offices.

The Etruscan Kings

In the latest installment in his series of articles about the early history of Rome, pallin tells us about the seven Etruscan kings.

Roman Imperialism

A look at how and why Rome acquired it's empire by Archdruid.

Roman Senate

This is an excellent work covering the rise and fall of the Senate of ancient Rome by Archdruid.

The fall of the Western Roman Empire

Count Mummolus has sent in an excellent article on the fall of the Western Roman Empire and takes an in-depth look into the migration of tribes from the east & north and the role they had to play in the end of Rome as an empire (at least in the west).

Roman Military Awards

Terikel looks at Roman military awards and what a man had to do to qualify for a decoration to allow all who look upon him to know he was a true hero.

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