History Section Submission Guidelines

Please read this before submitting history articles.

General Guidelines

We are always looking for good history articles for the History Section. The subject of your article could be virtually anything ranging from wars that were fought during the Roman period to a history of the factions featured in the game to a description of the way of life for a peasant in Parthia or anything else you want to enlighten RTWH's visitors upon. There is no limit to length, but two paragraphs is probably not enough. Between four hundred and three thousand words is probably about right, but it depends.

Once you have written your piece and feel it is ready for submission, post it as a New Topic in the Guides and Articles Forum. There, you will receive comments, praise, criticisms, as well as ideas on how to improve your piece. Edit the post as necessary. When you feel your article has passed scrutiny, proclaim it in a reply as 'Ready to publish.' We will then invoke the Two-Day Rule to give the critics a last chance to seek improvement, and then post it to the relevant section of the site. All new articles also get a mention in the news on the homepage.

You may want to include images in your article, such as maps, army setups etc. Please send the images separately by email as attached files, numbered from one up, and include in your draft where you want them inserted. (For example, [Map1here]. Alternatively you can upload the images to an image-hosting site as well so they appear in your article from the start, but we will still require them to be sent by email as well).

Included in your article should be a list of the sources you have used, mainly as a reference for readers who want to read more into the subject covered in the article, but also simply so that we know you are not just making it all up!