Level 1

Roman Name: Trader's Post
Greek Name: Trader's Post
Eastern Name: Trader's Post

Faction New Units New Powers
Romans: Julii   Trade+1, Pop+1
Romans: Brutii   Trade+1, Pop+1
Romans: Scipii   Trade+1, Pop+1
Romans: SPQR   Trade+1, Pop+1
Armenia   Trade+1, Pop+1
Britannia   Trade+1, Pop+1
Carthage   Trade+1, Pop+1
Dacia   Trade+1, Pop+1
Egypt   Trade+1, Pop+1
Gauls   Trade+1, Pop+1
Germania   Trade+1, Pop+1
Greeks   Trade+1, Pop+1
Macedon   Trade+1, Pop+1
Numidia   Trade+1, Pop+1
Parthia   Trade+1, Pop+1
Pontus   Trade+1, Pop+1
Scythia   Trade+1, Pop+1
Seleucids   Trade+1, Pop+1
Spain   Trade+1, Pop+1
Thrace   Trade+1, Pop+1

Level 2

Roman Name: Market
Greek Name: Market
Eastern Name: Market
Barbarian Name : Market

Faction New Units New Powers
Romans: Julii Spy Trade+2
Romans: Brutii Spy Trade+2
Romans: Scipii Spy Trade+2
Romans: SPQR Spy Trade+2
Armenia Spy Trade+2
Britannia Spy Trade+2
Carthage Spy Trade+2
Dacia Spy Trade+2
Egypt Spy Trade+2
Gauls Spy Trade+2
Germania Spy Trade+2
Greeks Spy Trade+2
Macedon Spy Trade+2
Numidia Spy Trade+2
Parthia Spy Trade+2
Pontus Spy Trade+2
Scythia Spy Trade+2
Seleucids Spy Trade+2
Spain Spy Trade+2
Thrace Spy Trade+2

Level 3

Roman Name: Forum
Greek Name: Agora
Eastern Name: Bazaar
Barbarian Name : Great Market

Faction New Units New Powers
Romans: Julii Assassin Trade+3
Romans: Brutii Assassin Trade+3
Romans: Scipii Assassin Trade+3
Romans: SPQR Assassin Trade+3
Armenia Assassin Trade+3
Britannia Assassin Trade+3
Carthage Assassin Trade+3
Dacia Assassin Trade+3
Egypt Assassin Trade+3
Gauls Assassin Trade+3
Germania Assassin Trade+3
Greeks Assassin Trade+3
Macedon Assassin Trade+3
Numidia Assassin Trade+3
Parthia Assassin Trade+3
Pontus Assassin Trade+3
Scythia Assassin Trade+3
Seleucids Assassin Trade+3
Spain Assassin Trade+3
Thrace Assassin Trade+3

Level 4

Roman Name: Great Forum
Greek Name: Great Agora
Eastern Name: Grand Bazaar

Faction New Units New Powers
Romans: Julii   Trade+4, Pop+2
Romans: Brutii   Trade+4, Pop+2
Romans: Scipii   Trade+4, Pop+2
Romans: SPQR   Trade+4, Pop+2
Armenia   Trade+4, Pop+2
Britannia   Trade+4, Pop+2
Carthage   Trade+4, Pop+2
Dacia   Trade+4, Pop+2
Egypt   Trade+4, Pop+2
Gauls   Trade+4, Pop+2
Germania   Trade+4, Pop+2
Greeks   Trade+4, Pop+2
Macedon   Trade+4, Pop+2
Numidia   Trade+4, Pop+2
Parthia   Trade+4, Pop+2
Pontus   Trade+4, Pop+2
Scythia   Trade+4, Pop+2
Seleucids   Trade+4, Pop+2
Spain   Trade+4, Pop+2
Thrace   Trade+4, Pop+2

Level 5

Roman Name: Curia
Greek Name: Merchant's Quarter
Eastern Name: Merchant's Quarter

Faction New Units New Powers
Romans: Julii   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Romans: Brutii   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Romans: Scipii   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Romans: SPQR   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Armenia   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Britannia   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Carthage   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Dacia   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Egypt   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Gauls   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Germania   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Greeks   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Macedon   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Numidia   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Parthia   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Pontus   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Scythia   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Seleucids   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Spain   Trade+5, Happiness+2
Thrace   Trade+5, Happiness+2

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