Dacia: Home of Warriors

Welcome traveler! Your reputation proceeds you, and we have a mighty feast in your honor prepared. But before we get there, may I show you around our mighty nation? We are the Dacians. A proud and mighty people living in the Balkans north of Macedonia. Some call us 'Barbarians', but we are no such thing. We have advanced technology, we trade with many people, such as the Thracians, the Macedonians, and the tribes to the north. And our trade can only expand once we reach the sea. We have only a limited unit roster, but why change it? Our army has proven that it can crush thousands at the hands of a skillful general, maybe such as yourself?

The Land

In Dacia proper, lies our capital of Porrolissum, a gem rising from the woods and plains of our lands. In this settlement lies but a muster field, trader, and practice range where our mighty warriors can be trained. Surrounded by mountains, this place is easily defended from foreign invasion.

Pass the mountains to the northwest, in Tribus Iazyges, lies the settlement of Campus Iazyges. In this village you will find only a mere muster field, but immediately you may can choose to enlarge the settlement, opening up more options which will greatly help the war efforts.

If trouble if found while playing as us, set your eyes upon this scroll for help. It contains knowledge on how to start a great Dacian kingdom!

The Warhost

As mentioned before, we have only a handful of units to choose from, but they have proven their effectiveness in battle. We are famed for our Falxmen, which can cleave a man in two with one swing of a strong arm.

These men should be used against heavily armored foes, such as the Greeks to the south or Romans to the west, as the falx is armor piercing. So fearsome are these men that the Thracians have copied the design and also field these fierce men. Otherwise, we have the traditional spear wielding Warband, along with the famed Chosen Swordsmen of native lore, who are equipped with the finest swords and best armor available. We also have access to Naked Fanatics, but more on them later.

Not to be outdone, our cavalry arm is also well armed. Besides the common barbarian cavalry, we have our Noble Cavalry, which is a squadron of tribal nobles equipped with the best arms and armor at their disposal. This is the heavy hitting used to give the final punch to the scared enemy.

We also use siege engines and archers to win battles. We have from the very first range, archers. Not many can say that, for archers are our only skirmishing troops, only being replaced by the Chosen Archer warband. But besides archers, we use ballistae and onagers to either kill many men at once, or break through enemy walls. And they call us Barbarians - humpf!

The Gods

We Dacians have three gods: Hebeleysis, Bendis, and Zalmoxis.

Hebeleysis is the god of Sky and Thunder, who strikes down enemies who dare challenge us, but he sometimes let's us do his work, as even the gods get tired. When the best site is made in his honor, our troops gain morale, making already fierce men even more fierce! He also gives us the ability to train Naked Fanatics. These are mighty men, wearing but a loincloth and the hair on their chest, men will run at the sight of them!

Next is Bendis, our god of Healing. She is a motherly god, and when a sacred site is made in her honor, the bushels pile higher and more food is available to our people.

Third, we worship Zalmoxis, the Divine Defender of the People. While Hebeleysis strikes down enemies himself, Zalmoxis provides our warriors with greater means of killing, whether through a finely sharpened sword, a good solid shield, or even as small as a good dagger, he gives us better arms and armor. Places where you expect to be training many warriors should have this god in that village.

The Mods

Being a rather simple faction, there are few mods, but there is Amazon: Total War, which gives our mighty people access to Chosen Falxmen. Those who hide behind armor beware!

How to Play

Dacia is originally a non-playable faction. To play as Dacia, you will need to go to your game files Data -> World -> Campaign -> Imperial Campaign, open the descr_strat file, cut Dacia from the non-playable section, and paste it to the playable section. Due to hard-coded limits, there may never be more than twenty of the twenty-one factions playable at any one time.