Armenia, Riders of the Caucasus

By Kilos of Thermon

Welcome, great traveler, to the rugged mountain land of Armenia! We have been expecting you for ages, and now the prophecy that Armenia will be an empire should finally come true. However, great traveler, if you wish to create an empire while controlling Armenia, then there are a few things that you must know about our home. We are a people who, like the Phoenicians, have been part of many empires. First the Persians conquered us, then Alexander did. However, we have our own way of fighting, as we are greater than even the Parthians, because we are the true heirs to the Persian Empire!

Our Lands

We sit in the middle of many factions, but are well protected from attacks. Our mountains provide a natural defence for our land, and there are many routes through the mountains to prey on our rich neighbors! However, our lands are not very rich themselves, for if you are playing on a very hard campaign, both of the cities' adjusted income is still below 0 denarii.

Our glorious capital lies in Armenia proper, and it is the gem of Artaxarta. This large town has a villa for our governer and faction leader, Artaxias, plus a wooden palisade to protect our livestock (and us), stables to recruit our mighty horse archers, barracks to recruit the lowly Eastern Infantry, and an improvement over slash-and-burn farming. Positioned there is our king, Artaxias, one unit of cataphracts, two units of horse archers, and two units of peltasts.

One of your family members, Aramu, is stationed to the east of Artaxarta with three units of horse archers. Your diplomat, Menua, is positioned south of your other town, Kotais, and he is ready to make deals for your faction. Finally, your spy Prusias sits in Southern Armenia ready to spy and provide map information about your rich and weak neighbors to the south.

To the northwest of your capital Artaxarta lies your second town, Kotais. This will be your richer town seeing as it has a port on the Black Sea. However, Kotais can be invaded by a coastal passage along the Black Sea, and is also open to the steppes. It has everything that your capital has in the way of buildings, yet it does not have stables as of now. It is a large town, just as Artaxarta. Positioned there is Rusa, the heir to the throne of Armenia, along with two units of peltasts, one unit of foot archers, and one unit of horse archers.

Personally, I would suggest that your first move should be to invade Phraaspa, quickly before the Parthians do, as it is a rather rich settlement with a meager defense and can provide defense against Parthia. When played by the Lord AI Armenia generally tries to expand into the steppes against the Scythians, but I would suggest against that seeing as they are very poor regions.

The Armies

We have armies very similar to our Parthian neighbors, but with a local twist. From our governor's house we train peasants, the cheapest soilders that are not good for much. From our barracks we can train eastern infantry, which are peasants with some training as well as a shield and spear instead of just a peasant's pitchfork. From our militia barracks we train hillmen, who are like town watch on crack. However, this is the main point from which our army differs from the armies of Parthia. We can train heavy spearmen from our city barracks, who perform a duty similar to hoplites, with the same stats as regular hoplites, meaning a decent attack and even better defence, and finally we can train Armenian Legionaries from our army barracks. These legionaries do not fight with quite the same equipment as the Roman legionares, which means that they cannot form the dreaded testudo. They have about the same stats as the Pre-Marian Principes, however they are very heavy considering the rest of the garbage infantry eastern factions have.

Our missile troops also differ from Parthia. While Parthia and we can train foot archers from our archery range, we can only train peltasts instead of slingers from our practice range. finally, from our catapult range we can build onagers.

Our cavalry is very different from Parthia. From our stables we can train the mighty horse archers, and from our cavalry stables we can build cataphract archers. These cataphract archers are the best unit you can recruit, despite the fact that they are slow, as they combine the devastating effects of horse archers with the excellent armor of cataphracts. They are actually more deadly in hand-to-hand combat than normal cataphracts, and except for the improved armor and morale bonus, have equal stats to the Persian cavalry of the Parthians.

Finally from our elite cavalry stables we can create cataphracts, which are deadly armored lancers. These heavy cavalrymen have the second best armor in the game (second only to our post-marian bodyguards), but their normal attack is rather mediocre. However, they have the second highest charge bonus in the game, and armor-piercing maces as secondary weapons, and that makes them deadly.


We cannot build any units at religious temples, though our religion is important. We have unique temples which can be built by no other faction. Our head of the pantheon is Anahit whose temples provide a happiness bonus. She is supported by Armazd whose happiness bonus is not as major, but his temples also give law bonuses. Finally we have Vahagan. Vahagan's temples do not affect the public order rate as much as the other temples, however instead they upgrade weapons, so his temple will be important in military regions. Our temples can only be built up to Awesome Temples, while most civilized factions have another tier, the Pantheon.


Unfortunately our faction is often passed up in modifications, seeing as we are mountain people. However, Rome Total Realism features us, so our unit roster is changed in there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and lead us to victory great lord!