Carthage: Traders of the West

by Punic Hoplite

Welcome traveler, to the fertile plains and harsh deserts North Africa! Here fortunes are made, empires built, and great warriors a plenty! We have been here for many centuries, having been founded by Queen Dido in 814 B.C. We have an advantageous spot for good trade and expansion. We have fought many times in Sicily against the Greeks, but we only have the western part of the island as a result of these conflicts. We also have influence in Spain, having followed our Phoenician ancestors to the rich land, along with many islands in the sea. Finally, we have had much contact with our neighbors to the south, the famed Numidians. We are friends with many of their tribes, but now in this virtual world, they have united, and we now ask whether or not to ally with these noble people.

The Land

Africa Proper is home to Carthage, our capital, a shining marble pillar rising from the desert floor. Founded by old Queen Dido in the days of Homer, it has grown from a circle of land covered by a single hide to a sprawling city which once ruled the western Mediterranean. You will find that we have a Market in Carthage, the only market in all of North Africa at the time, as well as a Temple to our god Baal, of whom you shall hear more later. We have also a militia barracks and a stable with which to recruit brave warriors to defend our noble and mercantile city.

To the south, in Byzacium, the settlement of Thapsus is located. Thapsus is not a bustling city like Carthage, and the city has but a market, and barracks. But fear not, for it is a valuable city for both trade and expansion, for it is considerable closer to the Free People's settlement to the South East than the Numidian tribes. And once a port is established here, trade will flow from Sicily and Carthage. Soon this town too will shine!

To the east of Carthage, in Sicilia Poeni, lies our stronghold of Lilybaeum. In this settlement lies but a market, and barracks, surrounded by a wooden Palisade. In this region of the empire is where a considerable army, lead by our Faction Leader Hanno, is located. From this region we have contact with the United Greeks in Syracuse, and the Romans in Messana. Small yet it is a gem in our empire, for at the vanguard of expansion this town is.

To the north and west of these settlements on the island of Sardinia lies the outpost of Caralis. Nothing more than a collection of buildings, it is probable that enemies will set their greedy eyes upon the city. It is in good place to get reinforcements from Carthage should someone try and take it.

To the east farther lies the city of Palma, located in the Balearic Islands, it is the twin of Caralis. Though it has little, it does have access to the famed Balearic Slingers to bolster the defenses. These men are the best slingers in the world, on par with the slingers of Rhodes.

And finally, in Iberia, or as others call it 'Spain', lies the city of Corduba in Baetica. These people have mixed with the barbarians surrounding it, and are easy to provoke a riot. A careful eye is to be laid upon this city. But, being in Iberia is a wonderful thing, for it is rich in resources, and as such is a huge money maker.

Being an empire spread out, we border many people. The Numidians in Africa, the Greeks and Romans in Sicily, and the Gauls and Iberians in Iberia. All are mighty foes, but can be managed if defeated in moderation. Such an empire allowed for a very flexible campaign.

The Warhost

Early on, the bulk of your army will be Iberian infantry. They are plentiful, cheap, and good warriors. Later Libyans will join your ranks in the spearmen fashion. They are better armed and equipped than the Iberians, and as such have better morale. And Even later, when a large city has finished an Army Barracks, then our citizen body will take the field, the Poeni as they are called, and will fight in the Greek Hoplite fashion.

We are nothing, however, without our cavalry. Being near the famed Numidians, we have nearly identical horsemen at the lower levels, though we can field heavy horsemen and they cannot. With these supported by your infantry, you can be unstoppable! And if this were not enough, we have access to elephants! Once the stable space is available, they are ready to be used in battle, and can even add armor and archers to these already fearsome beasts! Beware though, elephants are easily frighten creatures. If they panic they do not distinguish who is crushed under their feet.

We also have access to many skirmishers. From the slingers of the Balearic Isles, to the common javelin throwers and slingers, these are our missile units. We do lack archers, as we lack reserves of wood to make the bows and arrows, and as such, have never developed this technology.

Our Gods

We Carthaginians have many Gods, from many people. But here we only pay tribute to our three main gods and goddesses.

First and foremost is the god Ba'al Hammon, but more commonly called Baal. He is the Ruler of the Universe, Rider of the Clouds, the god of life and war. Such are his powers, that when an awesome temple is made in his honor, we are able to recruit Sacred Band units, which are among the best infantry and cavalry in the known world.

Next is Tanit, the Queen of Heaven, and the Mother Goddess. She is one of fertility and growth. And when a temple is made in her honor, our crops grow better. Such is the power of Tanit.

Finally, there is the god Milqart. He is the son of Ba'al, and is the ruler of the Underworld. When a temple is made in his honor, merchants flock to the town, and an increase in trade is established in that town.

The Mods

There are many excellent mods, some a total conversion, and others simply add to the regular version. One such one is the Additional Unit Pack, made by Andalus. This enables us to made legionaries like the Romans, along with providing us the technology of archery. Others too have made entire mods dedicated to our civilization, and one of the more recent ones is Rome Total Realism: The Iberian Conflict, which focuses on our expansion in Iberia. And there are many more which include our mighty people, but do not focus on us.

This is Carthage, in all of its glory. With many areas to expand, a diverse and power unit roster, along with our rich history, it makes Carthage a very enjoyable faction to play as.