Numidia: Horsemen of the Deep Desert

Welcome, traveler, to the deserts of North Africa! Here, kingdoms are expanded, and hardy people are brought forth to conquer! We are the united Numidian tribes. The famed horsemen of the desert. We are many tribes, but in this world, we have united, and the world shall shake at our coming! We have had a very close relationship with the our Punic neighbors, the Carthaginians, and as a result we share gods along with horsemen, which we shall talk more about later. Again, welcome!

The Land

Numidia proper contains our capital, Cirta, a gleaming pearl raising from the fertile earth. You will find in this great city a wooden palisade, which is handy for keeping our horses from wandering off, along with a barracks and stable from which brave warriors can be summoned.

Beyond the mountains to the south, lies Dimmidi in Gaetulia. In this settlement, you shall find but a simple barracks, which shall help in conquering the pesky rebel town of Nepte to the south. But not having anything to keep the enemy out is of little concern, for being in such a remote part of the desert is a good enough defense in itself.

To the west of Cirta, in Mauretania, lies the settlement of Tingi. Located close to the Pillars of Hercules, we are within a stone's throw of Spain and the Carthaginian town of Corduba. Such a place is rich in resources, and it would be wise to take this land as ours.

Far to the west, near in the desert near the fertile banks of the Nile, lies the oasis of Siwa. This place is firmly set in history, as Cyrus of Persia sent an army here only to have it evaporate. Alexander the Great also traveled here, seeking a blessing from the gods. Here, far from our other cities, most warlords choosing our faction abandon this holy site, as the Egyptians can crush our cavalry with their chariots. Anyways, this settlement contains barracks, and a temple to the mighty god Ba'al.

The Warhost

Being a desert people, we have no use for heavily armored warriors, as it only burdens you, though in the bigger cities we can recruit legionnaires similar to that of the Romans, but do not have the exact same traits.

But our arm that makes us famous is our cavalry. Our cavalry ranges from the javelin throwing cavalry, to the heavily armored horse, to our notable use of camel riders. Our most notable cavalry is our regular Numidian cavalry. They are light and swift, able to throw javelins while at full speed, and then attack with great results.

We also have a host of skirmish troops, which make up most of our early armies. We have javelin throwers, slingers, and a very distinguished archer arm, which our neighbors the Carthaginians envy and hate us for.

If you find yourself in trouble, look to this scroll, as it contains information to the beginning of a great empire.

The Gods

We Numidians have had a long connection with Carthage, and have adopted their gods, but only their three main ones.

First and foremost is the god Ba'al Hammon, but more commonly called Baal. He is the Ruler of the Universe, Rider of the Clouds, the god of life and war. Such are his powers, that when an awesome temple is made in his honor, the people are a great deal happier, twice as much as the other gods.

Next is Tanit, the Queen of Heaven, and the Mother Goddess. She is one of fertility and growth. And when a temple is made in her honor, our crops grow better. Such is the power of Tanit.

Finally, there is the god Milqart. He is the son of Ba'al, and is the ruler of the Underworld. When a temple is made in his honor, merchants flock to the town, and an increase in trade is established in that town.

The Mods

Not being famous nor all powerful as other people, we have not received much attention in mods, though Andalus has created the Addition Unit Pack, which gives us access to more spearmen and cavalry.

We are Numidia, we may be a hard people to play as, but oh what a fun campaign we are. So again, Welcome!