Faction Overview: Senatus Populusque Romanus (SPQR)

Welcome, senator, to the Republic of Rome. Once a small village built upon seven hills, Rome is now a city poised to take on the known world and win.

The Land

Our city of Rome lies in the center of the world, a perfect position from which to rule all. Central to the world; central in Italia, she is a shining city along the Tiber. Rome is unique, for unlike the other Roman cities, Rome is ruled directly by the Senate and People of Rome, popularly known by its initials SPQR. It is the only city worth having, thus it is the only city you will control as our consul.

The city has a firm stone wall girding its borders- built by King Servius Tullus a long time ago. The Senate meets in a governor’s palace, while in the Forum Romanum, the plebs can listen to the demagogues rant and rave over laws and proposals while they purchase bread and exotic items from other lands. The city barracks works hard to keep the hastati, principes, and triarii trained and ready, while on the practice field young men volunteer to become velites. There is a blacksmith to forge the ores coming from the nearby mines, and all of Rome can enjoy the gladiatorial games in our magnificent amphitheatre.

The Gods

Rome worships all gods, and none in particular. We have our versions of the Olympians, plus cults borrowed from other lands and peoples. We build no temples, though, at least officially. If you can tinker, you can modify the export_descr_building file of the data folder, and replace the romans_(house) with simply romans, or add romans_senate into the list. This allows the SPQR to build those temples that other Romans can build.

The Mods

The Roman Army of Antiquity- and of this game- was the toughest, most diverse, strongest, and most-disciplined force the known world had ever seen. As such, there are many modifications to our Virtual World out there to increase the rosters of other factions, or to make other factions stronger, or generally weaken what we have created.

There are a few mods out there that can unite the Roman factions into a single faction, usually ours. This is done to allow new factions to be created, since our Virtual World has a hard-coded limit to the number of factions available. Uniting Rome undoes one of the most deliciously-bloody events of the game- the Roman Civil War, where one house pits its might against the other three. Fighting factions that employ the same powerhouse formations as your own makes for a challenging and bitter fight, one upon which the player may end up on the losing side of a struggle.

Playing SPQR

The SPQR is not a playable faction, unless you make it so. This scroll tells you how.

There are many challenges associated with our faction. First and foremost is financial- Rome has many soldiers under arms, but only one city paying taxes. This creates a financial drain that will send your economy rocketing into the ground. On the other hand, Rome never rebels against itself, so feel free to screw the taxes to the highest possible and let the peons moan.

Since your treasury will go empty rather quickly, ensure you order the construction of those units and buildings you desire while you still have money, that it, in the summer of 270 BC. You would call it Turn 1.

You must also be aware of the Senate Tab. Once you have played as another Roman faction, you will have been accustomed to clicking this tab to check your standings among the Senate, the People, and to see which Senatorial Missions you have outstanding. Do not do this as the Senate, unless you wish for an immediate Crash-to-Desktop, which is the invariable result of clicking the Senate tab as the SPQR.

One of the most challenging things about playing the SPQR is that the Civil War can start at any moment. You may declare war upon the other Roman factions, and they can do the same to you. So beware of your dispositions and those of our 'allies.' Not all is as it appears.