The Brutii

Ave, traveler, and welcome to the House of Brutus. In this virtual world, we are known as the Brutii. Our lineage is long and distinguished, rooted in the very essence of our esteemed Republic. Verily, it was our ancestor Marcus Junius Brutus who fooled King Tarquinus Superbus and cast that ignoble scion of the ruling family out of our precious polis to found the Republic.

We wear green cloaks, as opposed to the scarlet of the Julii or the sea-blue of the Scipii. Green is the color of envy, as one might expect, and that is true- the others are envious of our strength and principles. We are the mightiest of the Romans, the only true Republicans, and the only faction one should ever consider leading.

Our Lands

We rule the foot of the Italian peninsula, from heel to toe. This might seem like little compared to the lands of the other Roman Houses, but we do not intent to remain in those small lands. Greece is but a short sea voyage away, with its riches and art. But that is our future; let us talk now of the present.

Croton lies near Sicilia, in the province of Bruttium. A large town it may be, but it has little more than a wooden palisade surrounding a governor's house and a muster field. There are roads throughout the province, however. Our muster field cannot churn out more than Town Militia, but it will soon grow and churn out men worthy of battle.

Tarentum, in the heel of our peninsula, is a large and bustling port town of immense strategic value. From here, the Junii Brutii can easily strike into the wealthy poleis of Greece. Tarentum is an old city, founded by the Greeks, used by Pyrrhus of Epirus, and served always as a toehold (maybe 'heelhold' would be more fitting) in Italia. It has a governor's house, equestrian stables, a muster field for the Town Watch, and a palisade. It is connected to Brundisium, a port on the Adriatic that is curiously unnamed on most campaign maps, and has roads throughout the province.

Our Army

Like all Roman factions, our army will be based initially upon the Camillan legion. We will recruit hastati and principes, with support from velites and equites. Later, when Gaius Marius reforms the armies, we will produce legionary cohorts, praetorians, and urban cohorts like the other Romans.

Brutian forces consist of the same units as do the rest of the Romans. Only our gladiators are different.

Our amphitheaters and arenas can churn out Velite Gladiators. These are hardened men who fight with spears- a boon against the horsemen of Macedon with whom we shall soon battle over the carcass of Greek cities. They have a decent attack, and a horse-like charge bonus. Like all Gladiators, they are sturdy, taking twice as many hits to kill as other soldiers.

Our Gods

We Brutii worship Juno, wife of Jupiter, as well as the merchant god Mercury and the warrior god Mars. These are fitting gods for us. Juno Moneta is one of the temples upon the Capitoline Hill in Rome, where Roman coins are minted. Mercury was the messenger of the gods, and the one most associated with merchants and thieves. Strange that, but the two often go hand-in-hand. And of course, being a martial faction, we also worship Mars, the god of war.

Juno grants cities with her temples health and happiness bonuses. This allows for a happy, healthy, expanding population, providing many soldiers for our legions. We would be fools not to honor this matron of Roman ideals, the wife of our chief and greatest god.

Mercury grants trade bonuses- a perfect fit for the money-loving Brutii who are often tasked to conquer wealthy Greece to bring that cultural and economic area under Roman rule. Gold flows when temples to Mercury are built, and that gold helps us recruit and pay for large armies. There is no expanse without finance, and Mercury helps the denarii to flow in like a mighty river.

Mars is our chief god, despite the values and benefits of the other two. This is because Mars is the God of War, and we Romans are a warrior race. Soldiers trained in cities with temples to Mars gain experience bonuses, giving our newly-recruited troops a strong advantage over other units. This can often be the difference between victory or death.

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