The Julii

Ave, traveler, and welcome to the House of Julius. We are the northern Romans, those of the Roman Red capes and have the Laurels of Victory as our symbol. We are an ancient lineage, from a line of kings that was long before Rome herself was even founded. But that was hundreds of years ago. Now we are the House best suited to reducing the Gallic threat to nothing, and punish those churls for their sacking of our city one hundred twenty years before the campaign opens.

Our Lands

Arretium is our stronghold. It is not Rome, but it suits our purposes well. It is a large town, where we have built both a militia barracks and a governor's house , all surrounded by a wooden palisade. The militia barracks can recruit and train hastati, the basic unit of our early armies. Learn these men, traveler, and learn to use them. They will help you expand our realm swiftly and forcefully. Arretium has a port connected by roads, and farming has advanced since the days of slash-and-burn.

Ariminum is an Umbrian town to the east of Arretium. Its barracks can only put out Town Watch, an almost-useless unit, though one with spears- making it slightly more effective against horsemen than the peasants. There is a governor's house here as well, with palisades.

Our Army

Like all Roman factions, our army will be based initially upon the Camillan legion. We will recruit hastati and principes, with support from velites and equites. Later, when Gaius Marius reforms the armies, we will produce legionary cohorts, praetorians, and urban cohorts like the other Romans.

What sets the Julian military apart from the other houses are our gladiators. These fighters may be recruited from any amphitheater or Coliseum we own. Their time in the sands have given them a hardier stamina, it taking two hits to put down a gladiator instead of the single blow to kill a soldier.

Our gladiator, the Samnite Gladiator, is the only gladiator considered a swordsman. He has stronger attack values than the others, but a relatively weaker charge.

Our Gods

We Julii pay homage to the fertility goddess Ceres, who enables the women of Julian cities to be fruitful and bring forth a population boom of various sizes. Surprisingly, this fertility goddess does not increase the amount of grains (and thereby taxes) raised in the hinterlands of cities with her shrines, though the increased population does contribute an increased tax base.

Bacchus is a happy god, and shrines to the god Bacchus- the Roman equivalent of Greek Dionysius- bring forth happiness. These temples are useful where one has a large population to placate quickly.

Above all other gods ranks Jupiter, the Lawgiver, King of the Roman gods. His influences bring law bonuses to unruly populaces, helping maintain order to keep the Julii strong.

Awesome temples in his honor also draw to them groups of incredible warriors. These arcani, though not numerous, are superbly-trained swordsmen who can literally hide anywhere. Verily, their name means 'hidden ones'. Long grass, short grass, desert sands, deep forests- it does not matter. They cover their faces with war masks, and often wield two swords in battle. They have excellent morale, training, and endurance. The only other places these men gather are in the awesome temples and pantheons to Saturn, the Scipii god and father of Jupiter, and those awesome temples and pantheons to Mars of the Brutii..

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