Britannia Gameplay Information


Britannia occupy the modern British Isles as well as one town in Belgica. Hibernia presents a potential conquest target to the west, but going for either Gaul or Germania will be more effective in the long run. The units to take out either Gaul or Germania are there, it is merely a case of using them.

Overall Unit Summary:

Basic British infantry is the same as Gallic infantry. There are a few interesting units though; Woad Raiders have a high attack and morale, although they are unarmoured. Head Hurlers throw the severed heads of enemies soaked in quicklime to cause crippling irritation, this translates to a huge ranged attack. They aren't too shabby in melee either. Britannia are the only faction to completely lack cavalry, instead they have chariots. British Heavy Chariots are excellent heavy chariots, extremely strong against cavalry and able to charge infantry. British Light Chariots are chariot archers, allowing Britannia to shoot slower infantry formations to pieces while staying at range. They are more fragile than Heavy Chariots though and both will die almost immediately if they are bogged down in enemy infantry.

Initial Imperial Campaign Settlements:

Londinium (Large Town, Capital), Deva (Town), Eburacum (Town), Samarobrivia (Town).

Trainable Units:

Note that these units represent what can be trained if the needed buildings are present. Units in Brackets are only available in Multiplayer or Custom Battles.

Peasants, Warbands, Swordsmen, Chosen Swordsmen, Woad Warriors, Head Hurlers, Druids, Slingers, British Heavy Chariots, British Light Chariots, Warhounds, Barbarian Warlord, (Barbarian Cavalry Mercenaries)

Constructable Buildings:

Note that these buildings chains are not all that influence the ability to construct them. Population and existing buildings are also factor.

Building Type Town Large Town Minor City
Core Buildings Warrior's Hold Warlord's Hold High King's Hall
Walls Wooden Palisade Stockade  
Barracks Muster Field Meeting Hall Hall of Heroes
Ranges   Practice Range  
Traders Trader Market Great Market
Smithies   Blacksmith Weaponsmith
Ports   Port Shipwright
Farms Land Clearance Communal Farming  
Roads Roads  
Mines Mines  
Taverns   Tavern Bardic Circle
Temples of Healing Shrine to Brigantia Sacred Grove of Brigantia Sacred Circle of Brigantia
Temples of Trade Shrine to Britannia Sacred Grove of Britannia Sacred Circle of Britannia
Temples of Victory Shrine to Andrasta Sacred Grove of Andrasta sacred Circle of Andrasta