Germania Gameplay Information


Germania occupies the north-central part of the map, stretching from Gaul in the West to the Scythian steppes to the East. Though large and spread, Germania suffers from a poor economy and the unlucky combination of large units and low population. It can be a powerhouse under the right hands, as its starting units are among the best in the game. Its later units are a mix of the hilarious to the practical, yet all are deadly.

Overall Unit Summary:

The basic German infantry are the Spear warband and the Axemen. There are a few interesting units though: Berserkers have a high attack and morale as well as two hit points, although they are unarmored. Chosen Archers have a ranged attack on par with the Egyptian Pharaoh's Bowmen. They are respectable in melee as well, though lack the heavier armor of the Egyptians. German cavalry is some of the best horsemen in the game, easy to produce in any third-tier minor city with the appropriate stable. Gothic Cavalry, from the Sacred Circle of Woden are extremely strong cavalry and arguably the best in the West.

Initial Imperial Campaign Settlements:

Damme (Large Town, Capital), Batavodurum (Town), Mogontiacum (Town), Trier (Town), Vicus Marcomanni (Town).

Trainable Units:

Note that these units represent what can be trained if the needed buildings are present. Units in Brackets are only available in Multiplayer or Custom Battles.

Peasants, Spear Warbands, Screeching Women, Axemen, Chosen Axemen, Night Raiders, Chosen Archers, Naked fanatics, Berserkers, Barbarian Cavalry, Noble Cavalry, Gothic Cavalry, Skirmishers, Wardogs, Assassins, Spies, Diplomats.

Constructable Buildings:

Note that these building chains are not the only factors to influence the ability to construct them. Population and existing buildings are also factors.

Building Type Town Large Town Minor City
Core Buildings Warrior's Hold Warlord's Hold High King's Hall
Walls Wooden Palisade Stockade  
Barracks Muster Field Meeting Hall Hall of Heroes
Ranges   Practice Range  
Traders Trader Market Great Market
Smithies   Blacksmith Weaponsmith
Ports   Port Shipwright
Farms Land Clearance Communal Farming  
Roads Roads  
Mines Mines  
Taverns   Tavern Bardic Circle
Temples of Fertility Shrine to Freyja Sacred Grove of Freyja Sacred Circle of Freyja
Temples of Violence Shrine to Donar Sacred Grove of Donar Sacred Circle of Donar
Temples of Viking Shrine to Woden Sacred Grove of Woden Sacred Circle of Woden