The Greek Cities Gameplay Information


The Greeks base their military around Hoplites with support from skirmishers and light cavalry. Although lacking heavy cavalry, local mercenaries complement their missile troops and their position at the economic centre of the world is almost unrivalled.

Overall Unit Summary:

The Greeks have some of the best Hoplites in the game, including the renowned Spartans which are second to none. Their cavalry leaves much to be desired, although it is competent. Heavy Peltasts are one of the best skirmisher units in the game and Cretan Archers and Rhodian Slingers can be recruited locally.

Initial Imperial Campaign Cities:

Sparta (Minor City, Capital), Syracuse (Minor City), Rhodes (Large Town), Pergamum (Large Town), Thermon (Large Town).

Trainable Units:

Note that these units represent what can be trained if the needed buildings are present. Units in Brackets are only available in Multiplayer or Custom Battles.

Peasants, Militia Hoplites, Hoplites, Armoured Hoplites, Peltasts, Archers, Heavy Peltasts, Militia cavalry, Greek Cavalry, Incendiary Pigs, Early General's Bodyguard, General's Armored bodyguard, Ballistas, Onagers, Heavy Onagers, (Cretan Archers), (Rhodian Slingers).

Constructable Buildings:

Note that these buildings chains are not all that influence the ability to construct them. Population and existing buildings are also factor.

Building TypeTownLarge TownMinor cityLarge CityHuge City
Core BuildingsGovernor's HouseGovernor's VillaGovernor's PalaceCouncilor's ChambersRoyal Palace
WallsWooden PalisadeWooden WallStone WallLarge Stone WallEpic Stone Wall
BarracksBarracksMilitia BarracksCity BarracksArmy Barracks 
Stables StablesCavalry StablesElite Cavalry StablesRoyal Cavalry Stables
Ranges Practice RangeArchery RangeCatapult RangeSiege Engineer
TradersTraderMarketAgoraGreat AgoraMerchants' Quarter
Smithies BlacksmithArmourer Foundry
Ports PortShipwrightDockyard 
Water Supply SewersPublic BathsAqueduct 
FarmsLand ClearanceCommunal FarmingCrop RotationIrrigation 
RoadsRoadsPaved Roads 
Academies AcademyScriptoriumLudus Magna
Theatres OdeonLyceumTheatre
Temples of LeadershipShrine to AthenaTemple of AthenaLarge Temple of AthenaAwesome Temple of AthenaPantheion (Athena)
Temples of LoveShrine to AphroditeTemple of AphroditeLarge Temple of AphroditeAwesome Temple of AphroditePantheion (Aphrodite)
Temples of tradeShrine to HermesTemple of HermesLarge Temple of HermesAwesome Temple of HermesPantheion (Hermes)
Temples of VictoryShrine to NikeTemple of NikeLarge Temple of NikeAwesome Temple of NikePantheion (Nike)