Numidia Gameplay Information


The land of Numidia has been a key player in Rome's wars with Carthage. Swinging both ways at times, the Numidians' cavalry and camelry have played important roles in the Punic Wars, and other skirmishes that would be made against Rome's legions.

Overall Unit Summary:

For the Numidians, their cavalry is a great asset. Their selection of other units isn't as grandiose, but they have access to light and quick soldiers. Their camels and horses are enough to turn the tide in many a battle.

Initial Imperial Campaign Cities:

Cirta (Capital, Large Town), Siwa (Large Town), Tingi (Town), Dimmidi(Town)

Trainable Units:

Note that these units represent what can be trained if the needed buildings are present. Units in brackets can only be trained in Multiplayer and Custom Battles.

Peasants, Desert Infantry, Numidian Legionaries, Slingers, Numidian Javelinmen, Archers, Long Shield Cavalry, Numidian Camel Riders, General's Bodyguard, General's Armoured Bodyguard, Numidian Cavalry, Onagers, (Mercenary War Elephants)

Constructable Buildings:

Note that these buildings chains are not all that influence the ability to construct them. Population and existing buildings are also factor.

Biulding TypeTownLarge TownMinor CityLarge CityHuge City
Core BuildingsGovernor's HouseGovernor's VillaGovernor's PalaceCouncilors' ChambersRoyal Palace
WallsWooden PalisadeWooden WallStone WallLarge Stone WallEpic Stone Wall
BarracksBarracksMilitia BarracksCity BarracksArmy Barracks 
Stables StablesCavalry Stables  
Ranges Practice RangeArchery RangeCatapult Range 
TradersTraderMarketBazaarGrand BazaarMerchants' Quarter
Smithies BlacksmithArmourer Foundry
Ports Port 
Water Supply SewersPublic Baths 
FarmsLand ClearanceCommunal FarmingCrop RotationIrrigationGreat Estates
RoadsRoadsPaved Roads 
Academies AcademyScriptoriumLudus Magna
Execution Squares Execution SquareSecret Police HQSecret Police Network
Temples of FarmingShrine to TanitTemple of TanitLarge Temple of TanitAwesome Temle of Tanit 
Temples of JusticeShrine to BaalTemple of BaalLarge Temple of BaalAwesome Temple of Baal 
Temples of TradeShrine to MilqartTemple of MilqartLarge Temple of MilqartAwesome temple of Milqart