Parthians Gameplay Information


Powerful cavalry, consisting of cataphracts and horse archers, is what drives the Parthian war machine. Their infantry leaves much to be desired, but this empire is still a powerful presence on the globe.

Overall Unit Summary:

Parthia, famed for its horse archers, is obviously strong in cavalry, Their ground troops are rather weak, but used to reinforce the cavalry.

Initial Imperial Campaign Cities:

Arsakia (Capital, Large Town), Susa (Minor city), Campus Sakae (Large Town)

Trainable Units:

Note that these units represent what can be trained if the needed buildings are present. Units in brackets can only be trained in Multiplayer or Custom battles.

Peasants, Hillmen, Eastern Infantry, Slingers, Archers, Cataphracts, Cataphract Camels, Eastern General, Armoured Eastern General, War Elephants, Horse Archers, Persian Cavalry, Onagers, (Bedouin Warriors), (Arab Cavalry), (Bedouin Archers)

Constructable Buildings:

Note that these buildings chains are not all that influence the ability to construct them. Population and existing buildings are also factor.

Building TypeTownLarge TownMinor CityLarge CityHuge City
Core BuildingsGovernor's HouseGovernor's VillaGovernor's PalaceCouncilor's ChambersRoyal Palace
WallsWooden PalisadeWooden WallStone WallLarge Stone WallEpic Stone Wall
BarracksBarracksMilitia Barracks 
Stables StablesCavalry StablesElite Cavalry StablesRoyal Cavalry Stables
Ranges Practice RangeArchery RangeCatapult RangeSiege Engineer
TradersTraderMarketBazaarGrand BazaarMerchants' Quarter
Smithies BlacksmithArmourer Foundry
Ports PortShipwrightDockyard 
Water Supply SewersPublic Baths 
FarmsLand ClearanceCommunal FarmingCrop RotationIrrigation 
Academies AcademyScriptoriumLudus Magna
Execution Squares Execution SquareSecret Police HQSecret Police Network
Caravans Trade CaravanSpice RoadSilk Road
Temples of ZoroastranismShrine to ZoroastraTemple to ZoroastraLarge Temple to ZoroastraAwesome Temple to ZoroastraTemple Complex of Zoroastra