Seleucid Empire Gameplay Information


When playing as the Seleucids, one must appreciate the history of these people. Descending from Alexander's shattered empire, the Hellenistic Seleucids start in Asia, but have their sights set for reclaiming the glory of Greece and beyond.

Overall Unit Summary:

The Seleucids are a very powerful faction. Their cataphracts and elephants give the shock-and-awe power required to win battles, and their strong infantry supports them. All-in-all, they are quite balanced, with emphasis on cavalry.

Initial Imperial Campaign Settlements:

Antioch (Capital, Minor City), Seleucia (Large Town), Tarsus (Town), Hatra (Town), Damascus (Town), Sardis (Town)

Trainable Units:

Note that these units represent what can be trained if the needed buildings are present.

Peasants, Militia Hoplites, Levy Pikemen, Phalanx Pikemen, Silver Shield Pikemen, Silver Shield Legionaries, Peltasts, Archers, Greek Cavalry, General's Bodyguard, Companion Cavalry, Cataphracts, Scythed Chariots, General's Armoured Bodyguard, Elephants, War Elephants, Armoured Elephants, Militia Cavalry, Onagers

Constructable Buildings:

Note that these buildings chains are not all that influence the ability to construct them. Population and existing buildings are also factor.

Building TypeTownLarge TownMinor CityLarge CityHuge City
Core BuildingsGovernor's HouseGovernor's VillaGovernor's PalaceCouncilor's ChambersRoyal Palace
WallsWooden PalisadeWooden WallStone WallLarge Stone WallEpic Stone Wall
BarracksBarracksMilitia BarracksCity BarracksArmy BarracksRoyal Barracks
Stables StablesCavalry StablesElite Cavalry StablesRoyal Cavalry Stables
Ranges Practice RangeArchery RangeCatapult Range 
TradersTraderMarketAgoraGreat AgoraeMerchants' Quarter
Smithies BlacksmithArmourer Foundry
Ports PortShipwrightDockyard 
Water Supply SewersPublic BathsAqueduct 
FarmsLand ClearanceCommunal FarmingCrop RotationIrrigation 
RoadsRoadsPaved Roads 
Academies AcademyScriptoriumLudus Magna
Theatres OdeonLyceumTheatre
Temples of the ForgeShrine to HephaestusTemple of HephaestusLarge Temple of HephaestusAwesome Temple of HephaestusPantheon (Hephaestus)
Temples of FunShrine to DionysusTemple of DionysusLarge Temple of DionysusAwesome Temple of DionysusPantheon (Dionysus)
Temples of HealingShrine to AsklepiosTemple of AsklepiosLarge Temple of AsklepiosAwesome Temple of AsklepiosPantheion (Asklepios)