Spain Gameplay


As a land rich with ores, enterprising Carthage has touched Spain for a long time. There are still settlements there to this day. The region is also sought by those Italians that call themselves Roman. Spain obviously starts out in a unique position, but their goals are the same as any other faction: total war.

Overall Unit Summary:

Spain has both barbarian and line infantry. They have few cavalry, but it is enough to support their forces in a tough spot, or to chase after retreating enemies.

Initial Imperial Campaign Cities:

Asturica (Capital, Large Town), Scallabis (large Town), Osca (Town), Carthago Nova (Town)

Trainable Units:

Note that these units represent what can be trained if the needed buildings are present. Units in brackets are only available in Miltiplayer and Custom battles.

Peasants, Town Militia, Iberian Infantry, Scutarii, Naked Fanatics, Bull Warriors, Slingers, Skirmishers, Warhounds, Round Shield Cavalry, (Long Shield Cavalry), General's Bodyguard, General's Armoured Bodyguard, (Onagers), (Balearic Slingers)

Constructable Buildings:

Note that these buildings chains are not all that influence the ability to construct them. Population and existing buildings are also factor.

Building TypeTownLarge TownMinor Ciy
Core BuildingsWarrior's HoldWarlord's HoldHigh King's Hold
WallsWooden PalisadeStockade 
BarracksMuster FieldMeeting HallHall of Heroes
Stables StablesWarlord's Stables
Ranges Practice RangeArchery Range
TradersTraderMarketGreat Market
Smithies BlacksmithWeaponsmith
Ports PortShipwright
FarmsLand ClearanceCommunal Farming 
Taverns TavernBardic Circle
Temples of the Battle ForgeShrine to TeutatisSacred Grove of TeutatisSacred Circle of Teutatis
Temples of the Horse (1)Shrine to EponaSacred Grove of EponaSacred Circle of Epona
Temples of HuntingShrine to AbnobaSacred Grove of AbnobaSacred Circle of Abnoba
Temples of JusticeShrine to EsusSacred Grove of EsusSacred Circle of Esus