Version History for Amazon: Total War

New Additions in Version 2.3b (BI)

  • Reduced the number of units in the starting Gorgon Horde.
  • Slight increase to starting armies of North African factions.
  • Reduced population bonuses given to AI cities at the beginning of the campaign.
  • Increased stats of Numidian Cavalry.

New Additions in Version 2.3 (RTW)

  • Added Virgin Horse Archers to Scythia.
  • Added Noble Women to Sarmatia.
  • Added a Standard Bearer for the Sarmatians.
  • Made copy-cat Legionaries only recruitable after the Marian Reforms.

New Additions in Version 2.3 (BI)

  • Made the Gorgons, Germans, Gaul, Scythia, Sarmatia, and Parthia Horde factions, with the Gorgons beginning the game as such.
  • Added Virgin Horse Archers to Scythia.
  • Added Noble Women to Sarmatia.
  • Added a Standard Bearer for the Sarmatians.
  • Made copy-cat Legionaries only recruitable after the Marian Reforms.

Version 2.2b (RTW only)

  • Fixed bug of night battles not working.

Version 2.2 (RTW and BI)

  • Created separate versions for the RTW and BI executables.
  • Condensed the code in Export_Descr_Unit.txt and Descr_Model_Battle.txt.
  • New Thracian Late General Bodyguard.
  • Fixed bug with Amazon Companion sword being visible along with lance.
  • Created Hypaspist unit for Macedon, as well as Athenian Marines and Sacred Band for the Greek Cities.
  • Gave the Seleucids two more starting Generals, and also the temple of Zeus.
  • New faction symbols for Macedon and Numidia.
  • Changed shield textures of Greek Armoured Hoplites, Carthaginian Sacred Band, and Macedonian Foot Companions.
  • Made Temple of Woden a Law temple rather than violence one.
  • Gave the Britons a Temple of Lugh (Law)
  • Added campaign descriptions and starting maps for all factions that were still lacking them.

Version 2.1b

  • Fixed Sarmatian captain banner in battle odds scroll.
  • Fixed bug with unit's special abilities appearing twice in unit info scroll.
  • Fixed but with wrong factions being able to acquire new Gorgon ancillaries.
  • Fixed possible bug in previous zip file's campaign folders not working.

Version 2.1

  • Enabled play with BI executable.
  • Enabled night battles when using RTW executable.
  • Removed city of Nepte, and created new territory of Theneste for the Gorgons.
  • Tweaked Campaign Script and Gorgon starting treasury.
  • Added special building to help AI Gorgons.
  • Added Amazon buildings to the battle map of cities.
  • Major revision to Thrace, removing temple of Ares and adding ones to Kotys, Sabazios, and Bendis. Removed Falxmen from their roster, added Thracian Peltasts, Thracian Infantry, and Thracian Noble Cavalry. Also changed skin and stats of Bastarnae. Renamed Campus Getae to Odessos and moved it closer to the sea.
  • Changed Dacian version of Bendis to mirror the Thracian one (huntress rather than farming).
  • Included several news icons to use with the shorctut.

Version 2.0 - Beta Release

  • Added the Gorgon faction.
  • Changed Greek Cities, Macedon, and Seleucid Early General Bodyguard to the Heavy Cavalry skin, and the Late Bodyguard to the Companion skin.
  • The Greek Cities can now recruit Heavy Cavalry.
  • New unit cards for new non-Amazon units.
  • Increased public order bonus of Temples_of_Fun.
  • Added many new territories to Africa, and moved the Saharan ones to be closer to Lake Tritonis.
  • Gave Greek_Cities the settlement of Triton on Lake Tritonis, as well as Athens, while removing Thermon. Also changed their family tree.
  • Moved Numidia to north-west Africa.
  • Added Numidian Noble Cavalry and Numidian Elephants.
  • Added Iberian Noble Cavalry.
  • Tweaked skins of Amazon Hoplite, Amazon Militia Cavalry, Amazon Heavy Cavalry, and Amazon Cavalry.

Version 1.9b

  • New loading screens.
  • Tweaked skins of Sarmatian Virgin Cavalry, Briton Maiden Axes, Gaul Maiden Axes, and Gaul Archers.

Version 1.9

  • Created new permanent skins for all Amazon units.
  • Added Mercenary Spear Warband.
  • New Spartan Hoplite skin that is still under development.
  • Added some easter eggs. Added Defeat movie for Amazonia.
  • Added Enaree ancillary to Scythia and Sarmatia, and Semnotatoi ancillary to Greek Cities and Macedon.
  • Added territory of Singidunum to Dacia.

Version 1.8

  • Fixed over-population issue of steppe settlements.
  • Changed victory conditions for all factions.
  • Added Lake Tritonis.
  • Added new settlements of Gelonos, Androphagi, and Singidunum.
  • Created pathways though the heavy woods around Neo Themiskyra, and reduced size of Pripet Marshes.
  • Moved Hanging Gardens closer to Seleucia.
  • Replaced most videos for Amazonia, New Amazonia, Gorgons, and Sarmatians.
  • Added sprites for New Amazonian units.

Version 1.7c

  • Added temples to Sarmatia.
  • Changed name of Carthaginian Chosen Slingers to Poeni Slingers.
  • Tweaked farming levels of Barbarian territories.
  • Tweaked stats of Amazon Archers and Agema Archers.

Version 1.7b

  • Made Amazon General voices female.

Version 1.7

  • Reduced Rome to a single faction.
  • Created two new factions - New Amazonia and the Sarmatians.
  • Added many new regions to the plains and Zagros mountains, and renamed some of the existing ones.
  • Increased the base farming level of many Barbarian settlements.
  • Increased Defense stats of Woad Warriors and Naked Fanatics.
  • Consolidated much of the Amazon texture and model code.
  • Gave a law bonus to academies and stone walls.

Version 1.6b

  • Fixed a bug where the Night Raider axe was not appearing in melee combat.
  • New loading screens.

Version 1.6

  • Removed Roman and Amazon pre-battle speeches.
  • Added 4th tier of construction for the Barbarian culture.
  • Removed temple_of_horse_pantheon.
  • Added Onagers to all Barbarian factions at tier 4.
  • Replaced Carthage's Libyan Spearmen with Scutarii.
  • Made Mercenary Balearic Slingers recruitable by Carthage and Iberia in Palma.
  • Improved defense of Iberian Infantry.
  • Made Mercenary Cretan Archers and Mercenary Rhodian Slingers recruitable by the Greek culture in Kydonia and Rhodes respectively.
  • Added Archer Warbands to Gaul and Germania.
  • Added Chosen Slingers to Briton, Iberia, and Carthage.
  • Increased range and damage of all Slinger units.
  • Added Maiden Axes to Gaul and Briton, and made their Chosen Swordsmen a more powerful 4th tier unit.
  • Reduced damage of Warhounds.
  • Added Chosen Falxmen to Dacia and Thrace.
  • New Amazon Peasant, and many new Amazon unit cards.
  • Changed treasury corruption triggers to 100k & 200k.

Version 1.5

  • Fixed CTD when a non-amazon faction clicked on an Amazon city.

Version 1.4

  • Minor fixes to descriptions.
  • New .cas and .tga files for the lesser general bodyguard.
  • New temporary Peasant model and skin (previous one was causing CTDs).
  • .dds sprites implemented.
  • Added the Data\Fonts folder, as some users were having a crash related to forming the correct font.
  • Trade Caravan building removed from Amazonia.

Version 1.3

  • New splash screen.
  • New Loading Screens.
  • More tweaking of ancillaries, including removing the Amazon Decorated Hero.
  • Fixed bug with eastern heavy cavalry description.
  • Created new model and texture files for amazon heavy cavalry and merc amazon hoplites (they still look the same in-game though).
  • Fixed pop-up text for Command, Influence, and Management attributes.
  • Fixed a few diplomatic messages.
  • Removed the Data\UI\Amazon\Plugins & Data\UI\Amazon\Construction folders as they are not used.
  • Bug with city cards not displaying properly partially fixed.
  • Amazon Generals now have their sword visible.
  • Sprites implemented.
  • Many new unit cards.

Version 1.2

  • Fixed some grammatical errors in the traits.
  • Renamed region of Pontus to Amazonia.
  • Altered the splash screen.
  • Some minor tweaking of ancillaries.

Version 1.1

  • Tweaked some unit stats, removed one of the starting Agema Archers from Amazonia.

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release.