Additional Unit Pack Mod Portal Page

Mod Name:   The Additional Unit Pack
For Game / Version:   Rome Total War, version 1.5
Status:   In Development
Creator:   Andalus
Uses Mod:Switch?:   Yes
Gallery:   Yes
Home Site:   Additional Unit Pack forum at Total War Heaven
Download:   Download From Filefront 1 file - 67mb

This mod for RTW 1.5 currently adds 23 new units to the game, using mostly original textures and models. It also adds some new skins for some, currently only Horse Archers and Seleucid Cataphracts. It aims to fill gaps in unit rosters, giving factions access to units they did not have before. It uses mod:switch so it will not affect your original game files. Full installation instructions are included.

The present release is not the finished product. It could be considered a prelude to the main intention. In development at the moment are many more units, permanent skins for some of the new units in the current version and several new skins for old units. When this is released it will also include Large Cities, and the accompanying buildings, for Barbarian factions.

This mod is not in any way an attempt to create realistic, historically accurate units. As a historian myself, I am well aware of how apocryphal many of these units are. Some, however, are historical units and I have attempted to keep a sense of realism with those that are not, always giving a plausible reason for the unit's existence.

AUP presents a 'what if' situation:
What if the Parthians had developed an elite core of heavy infantry?
What if the Britons had utilised cavalry to a greater extent?
What if the Greeks had used horse archers as a counter to those they faced?

These, and other questions, I hope to give the user the chance to answer.

This is the current full list of new units:


  • Heavy Spearmen (Parthia)
  • Cataphract Spearmen (Parthia)
  • Noble Spearmen (Scythia)
  • Gothic Spearmen (Germania)
  • Night Raiders (Gaul)
  • Numidian Spearmen (Numidia)
  • Poeni Legionaries (Carthage)
  • Thracian Swordsmen (Thrace)
  • Hypaspists (Macedon, Seleucia, Thrace)
  • Celtic Swordsmen (Mercenary)


  • Poeni Archers (Carthage)
  • Persian Archers (Parthia)
  • Heavy Peltasts (Pontus)


  • Celtic Heavy Cavalry (Mercenary)
  • Briton Cavalry (Britons)
  • Woad Cavalry (Britons)
  • Gallic Cavalry (Gauls)
  • Cataphract Archers (Parthia)
  • Royal Guards (Numidia)
  • Mounted Archers (Carthage, Numidia, Seleucia, Thrace)
  • Hoplite Cavalry (Greek Cities)
  • Auxiliary Cavalry (Romans)
  • Equites Patricii (Romans)
  • Roman Elephants (Romans)

Also, new skins for Horse Archers and Seleucid Cataphracts.

As I have said, this list will be greatly expanded once the next version is released.