Citadel: Total War

Citadel: Total War will be a total conversion mod set right before until right after the Renaissance period in Europe, North Africa, and parts of Western Asia. You can expect authentic Renaissance warfare. You'll have the benefit of late Medieval period heavy melee warriors, and you'll have the gunpowder and explosives that became more advanced, dominating later periods of warfare with the modification's timeframe covering the years 1402 to around 1600.

Siege warfare will certainly have a different feel, with gunmen stationed with archers atop battlements; or perhaps not as cannons will be an ever-present danger to anyone standing on top of a wall. The Citadel Total War team has cracked the tough nut that is getting gunpowder units to work as a gunpowder unit should work in a game that has no gunpowder unit to form a template from like its predecessors Medieval Total War and Shogun Total War. That said, gunpowder will most likely have a profound effect on battlefields which will probably see more cannons as technology improves, and armies will probably favor having a few units of gunpowder troops on the front lines to fulfill a similar role to skirmishers in Vanilla version Rome Total War.

All units will obviously be scrapped for new ones. There will also obviously be a brand new set of factions, with an interesting twist taken on the whole hard-coded and unchangeable Senate/Family system. The Senate faction will be replaced by the Papacy, and the three Roman families will be replaced by three crusader orders: the Knights of Saint John, the Teutonic Knights, and the Knights of the Dragon. Many other factions will be there also, so any nationalistic or heritage loving people will be able to grab the reigns of their ancestors' faction and lead them to glory. Some examples include the Aragonites, Turks, Castilians, Poles, Danes, English, and many more.

No major changes to the campaign map have been mentioned, so it seems to be that the provinces and cities are going to be the only things getting a major revamping.

The Historical Battles section will see some goodies. Fans of historical battles will get some battles from the 100 Years War, battles from Macchiavelli's The Prince, and other famous battles from the time period. Maybe even some battles as epic as the Siege of Constantinople will be included.

All in all, this is an extremely ambitious project that is making good progress so far with some big obstacles overcome and production coming along great. If you're a fan of cannons and gunpowder filling a battlefield, but can't let go of the clickety-clank of armor and heavily armed cavalry smashing into enemy lines, this is a mod for you.

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