Europa Barbarorum

Europa Barbarorum, or EB is a mod by the Europa Barbarorum team, a part of the Trivium Organization. Europa Barbarorum is an ambitious mod that wishes to take what Rome Total War is and expand it in every direction. They to take this game and make it what it should have been. They will be taking Rome Total War apart from to the skeleton in order to make a more realistic version. All fictional or theoretical units are to be removed and more realistic units are to be added. The mod will be removing the arcade feel that many people believe has been added to Rome Total War. Europa Barbarorum's goal seems to be to create a historical simulator of the time period. Apparently fans of incendiary pigs will have to say good-by to their beloved bacon as will anyone who loves watching a unit of Arcani ambush a group of cocky archers.

If you can't live without ambushes by Arcani, sending pigs to rout a unit of Armored Elephants, or seeing Egyptians in robes that seem to be made of solid gold, then this mod might not be your suit. This mod changes every aspect to be as historical as possible.

The campaign map, as I mentioned, is going to be re-vamped. So far, it's going to be expanded far eastward, meaning that for western factions, once they're done with the forests of Europe and the hilly deserts of Africa, they better get ready for sandy mountains and steppes galore, where cavalry will be your lifeblood. The mod promises to include nearly 200 provinces if not that many in the name of historical accuracy. The EB team is using many primary resources to determine the looks of the new campaign map, and is going as far as to use satellite information coupled with information on climate change throughout the years to help determine how the world looked in 270 B.C. Two factions are also to be removed in favor of two more historically correct factions. The faction of Baktria has been mentioned often, but as far as my research has gone, I haven't discovered which faction Baktria will be replacing, though Baktria will be an Eastern faction. Another faction has been mentioned called Sarmatia. If this mod follows suit of Rome Total Realism, it will be replacing Scythia, but with this group, there's no safe bets. There's no mention of any massive scale changes to the Roman factions, so you can probably expect the usual 4 Roman factions.

The units are also getting revamped. With around 200 old units purged in the name of realism and hundreds more rising out of the ashes you can be sure that there's going to be plenty of fresh new units for you to enjoy. They also promise that not a single unit will be left unchanged. The units that they haven't scrapped are getting an overhaul, cosmetic, statistical, or otherwise. All of the units are going to be created or re-done based on extensive historical research conducted by using many primary sources, and no unit may be added or removed without the entire team's consent and support by a number of credible sources. Just for an example of how extensive this is, you can go to their forums and see the countless threads debating the nature of certain units' historical authenticity.

This mod will also be doing roughly the same work with buildings, coming up with a new set of buildings that will replace other older ones, though this aspect doesn't seem to be on the same major scale as their enterprises with the units, but rest assured the buildings - what the public has seen so far are very well done.

The economic model is also going to be revamped apparently, so don't expect to be the Bill Gates of the ancient world without working for it.

Balance doesn't seem to be an issue to the team. They insist on historical accuracy and will throw balance to the wind. Does this mean that some factions will be unplayable bad? No, they insist that through historical accuracy every faction will still be good enough to use.

All things considered, this modification is extremely ambitious and judging by their progress will be extremely successful. Rome Total War will be transformed from CA's excellent classical times Real Time Strategy, arcade style game into a full blown historical simulator.

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