The Fourth Age

Ladders are erected against the Huge Walls, and attackers who are either suicidal, vast in number, or both begin to swarm up in droves. As the defenders begin to slaughter the attackers as soon as they climb atop, a segment of wall suddenly collapses. As invaders swarm the gap, defending soldiers run to it to reinforce it as hordes of men pour into the breach. At the final moment out of the hills appear several squadrons of horsemen to smash into the besiegers rear while a cavalry charge from within the fortification tears through the attackers. No, this isn't Helms Deep; it's an assault battle between a cavalry heavy defending Perisan army and a Gallic besieging army. This total conversion, however, sees more potential for Rome Total War. This game's engine would be an amazing engine for a game based on the Lord of the Rings and this mod will make it so.

This mod is going to be on your list of ones to get if you're a LoTR fan, or just a fantasy fan in general. You'll get everything you can ask for on the battle map with swarms of orcs and uruk-hai, armies of humans, and elite groups of elves and dwarves. From the visual information available, the mod is certainly catching the flavor of Tolkien's literature with excellent screenshots of the new units. Though I'm often a fan of the good guys, I love the orcs in this mod most, not because they're better done than the other units, which all seem to come alive from the book series, but simply because they look completely different from anything anyone else has done with the game, and have more of a cinematic monster look, than a cartoony look. Though a full faction list isn't available, the factions are likely to include, Gondor, Rohan, Mordor, Isengard, at least one Elvish faction, a faction of the wild Easterlings, and likely, a faction of Dwarves.

The mod takes place after the destruction of the One Ring during the Third Age of Middle Earth. As such, you shouldn't expect any super-elite Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli soldiers to be running around routing units of the enemy on their lonesome, but you certainly can expect to see hordes of Uruk-hai tearing apart fragile Rohirrim infantry, while the Knights of Rohan rout a few units of Warg riders, and crash into the Uruk-hai's flanks.

Little to nothing is known about the campaign map, but talk of retinues pretty much guarantees its existence. If it is done with the same thoroughness as the battle map, hardcore fans of Middle Earth dieing for realism probably won't be disappointed very much if at all.

This is a promising mod that will bring a lot of interesting things to the game, and definitely something to look forward to in the future. I'll keep this mod's general progress updated, as I really didn't find a tremendous amount of info in my snooping around.

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