Historic Battles

The Historic Battles mod is a modification created by NinjaCool before the version 1.2 patch by NinjaCool. Since he created the mod before Creative Assembly introduced the battlefield editor in their v1.2 patch, the entire project is more of a mod than a custom map pack.

The mod was created to add more Historical Battles to the very limited selection of battles that CA included in the original version. It includes twenty new battles, many which are well before or after the intended time period in Rome Total War, including the epic and well-known battles of Gaugamela & Zama and lesser known but nevertheless historically significant battles like Kadesh. Not to mention that it comes with a nice wallpaper for the loading screen after the opening cutscenes.

It doesn't change any units and you can still play online so if a buddy of yours has the mod, you both can get online and take the reins of history into your own hands. The mod may be a bit easy on difficulty levels such as medium and is missing the nice little cutscenes included in CA's historical battles, but it certainly is well done and extremely detailed, and shows obvious signs of research regarding the deployment of troops and the type and caliber of troops in the battles. The mod even edits some of the existing battles to be more realistic.

All in all, the Historic Battles mod is certainly a must for anyone history buff who wants to see the current historic battles touched up for realism and wants to see more included or for any fan of the historic battles themselves who wants more.

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