Napoleonic: Total War 2

Napoleonic Total War 2 is a mod by The Lordz Modding Collective. It will be set during the height of the European age of Imperialism in the continents of Europe, North Africa, Western Asia, and the Middle East. The Spanish Empire is down to its few last colonies in the Americas, and its navy is diminished. Austro-Hungary gains power in Eastern Europe as Prussia to the north becomes a significant military power. Despite the loss of 13 of its North American colonies, the British Empire remains a significant, if not yet the unchallenged superpower in the world. The Ottoman Empire remains a force, controlling the Middle East and North Africa. Russia is becoming a power under the Tzars, and the common people of France dream of their own freedom from oppression after having helped throw the yoke off of Britain's American colonies. This is an age of gentleman warriors meeting head-to-head on battlefield. An age of muskets and cannons dropping a mist of gunpowder smoke over battlefields, and age of French Legionnaires, British Redcoats, and rough-riding Prussian cavalry.

This isn't an age of walls of pikes slowly advancing at each other or clashes between ferocious swordsmen, or soldiers armed with shields and swords grinding away at each other's lines. In this game, you will need to have the quick reflexes to order a unit of musketeers on your flank to fire a volley at an oncoming unit of lancers, while examining the enemy lines to find a weak spot where a concentrated cannon volley will collapse the enemy formation. Don't expect gritty fighting until your men are taking casualties and you decide to launch one final bayonet charge to break the shaken enemy or your cuirassiers ride down the crew of a battery of cannons.

Needless to say that this will be a full conversion, and will most likely be similar to the Napoleonic Total War mod for Medieval Total War: Viking Invasion. You will be able to select from any among many of the major European powers of the era and will have to play politics as much as war-games to succeed in this world. If at all like the original, control of the high seas as well as maintenance of a large and up-to-date army will be absolutely crucial towards the goal of dominance of the area. Buildings will be remade to reflect the era, and many new buildings will surely be added. Battles will be spectacular with the majority of your men likely to be totally exhausted by the end of a major battle.

This mod is certainly something to look forward to if you're a fan of large gunpowder armies and 18th-19th century warfare and battles that start a bit slow, but quickly require tremendous effort to keep your army organized, and the prim and proper facade of the dirty politics during that era. The new RTW diplomacy system will also make things interesting in the campaign map.

The official site can be located at: (I certainly recommend downloading NTW 1 if you own Medieval Total War and Viking Invasion)