Troy Total War

Ever felt like recreating one of the epic battles in the Iliad? Perhaps you've always wanted to rewrite Homer's story? Well, this mod will allow you to keep Achilles alive and make sure that not even Aeneas escapes the burning city of Troy alive, or to pin the invading Achaeans against their ships and keep them from ever returning home alive as the Trojans.

Despite inspiration by Homer's epic, this mod won't be stuck to the storyline or limited to Homer's description of the warriors, but the team is also looking at Troy from a historical point of view and will be using archeological discoveries in creating the units and factions. The Greeks won't have traditional hoplites with horsehair crests, Corinthian helmets, and hoplon shields, but will have leather shields, felt caps, and Mycenaean era weaponry. Their dedication to historical accuracy is even driving them to keep every city name in its original language, so you'll be able to see what the cities named in Greek in the Iliad are called in their native Lycian, Hittite, and Aleyshyan tongues.

This mod will be a complete conversion and will include a new campaign, a complete conversion of all units, and possibly new Historical Battles.

The mod will do something new in the inclusion of heroes, with every faction having a hero or their own share of heroes. You'll be able to take control of Achilles as the Phthians, Agamemnon as the Mycenaeans, Menelaus as the Spartans, the crafty Odysseus as the Ithacans, Sarpedon as the Lyceans, and many of the famous Trojan heroes including Hector as the Trojans. The factions will all be represented in a way that's faithful to Homer's works, but also shows a degree of historical accuracy, with buildings styled after the era, and correct territories.

The mod has a lot of work to do and is in the relatively early stages of development, but they've already posted a trailer to give the viewers a taste of the Bronze Age action that will be featured in Troy: Total War.

If you like Homer's Iliad and Odyssey and Virgil's Aeneid, or are just a fan of the Bronze Age, this is sure to be a great mod for you.

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