Single Player Campaign

Here you'll find articles that deal with modifications of the single player campaign: factions, starting position etc.

A Guide To Descr_Sm_Factions.txt

Hussarknight guide of this file illustrates how it determines a culture, loading screen logos, banner symbols and colours, border colours, if it can horde, sets the details of its horde size and units, whether it is emergent, or a rebel faction shadowing another.

The Descr_Strat Reference

Hussarknight takes us on a guided tour of this file which sets many of the starting variables of the single player campaign, including settlements, starting characters and armies, faction relationships, and more.

Creating New Faction Symbols

SrJamesTyrrel brings us a step-by-step pictoral guide that reveals how to create new faction symbols in Photoshop.

How To Change The Symbols Of A Faction

SubRosa shows us which files must be edited in order to replace every instance of a faction's symbols on the Strategic and Battle Maps.

Renaming Factions

If you're creating a new faction in RTW one of the basic things you want to do is changing the name of the faction. Find out how to change all instances of a faction's name in this article by Hussarknight.

Editing Mercenary Recruitment

SubRosa shows us how to change the the recruitment of mercenaries, including what units are available in each area, how often they refresh, etc...