General Modding

Here you'll find general modding articles.

Command Line Switches

This guide by SubRosa and Primo will show you how to add switches to your command line in order to alter how the game runs.

How To Use Mod:Switch

Learn how to use Mod:Switch in this article by SubRosa, and make your mods without copying over the original game files.

A List of Known Hardcodes

This article details all common known hardcodes in the game. Knowing these limits is very important to modding.

Adding Custom Music to RTW

Want to listen to your favorite you like while playing RTW? Found a great track and want to march to battle with it playing on the background? Find out how to add your own music to RTW in this article.

3ds Max Basics

This tutorial of SubRosa will take you step-by-step through all the basics of this powerful tool, such as opening a model, applying a texture rendering a preview, etc...

Rome: Total War Basic Modeling, Part 1

This tutorial by Private Clark will take you through the process of creating all new models, applying texture maps to them, and adding them to your units.

Rome: Total War Basic Modeling, Part 2

This continues Private Clark 3ds Max tutorial above.

How to Install a 2d Copy of Rome: Total War

This tutorial by SubRosa will take you step-by-step through all the steps necessary to install a second copy of our beloved Virtual World onto your rig. Handy for those who like to tweak their games, but also need a Vanilla with which to do battle online against others.