Temples and their internal names

Some temples in RTW can be upgraded to temples of other deities when they've been captured by a different faction. However this only applies to temples who use the same internal names for reference in the game files. The table below will give you an overview of exactly which temples can be upgraded to which others. This is useful when you are modifying temples, so you can easily check which factions will be affected by the changes you're making.

Deity 1 Deity 2 Deity 3 Deity 4 Internal name
Deity Faction(s) Deity Faction(s) Deity Faction(s) Deity Faction(s)  
Heybeleysis Dacia Ares Thrace         battle
Teutatis Gaul Vahagan Armenia         battleforge
Bendis Dacia Tanit Carthage Demeter Macedon     farming
Freyja Germania Isis Egypt Ceres Julii     fertility
Zalmoxis Dacia Hephaestus Seleucids Vulcan Scipii     forge
Anahit Armenia Osiris Egypt Dionysus Thrace, Seleucids Bacchus Julii fun
Zeus Pontus Zeus Macedon         governors
Brigantia Britons Imhotep Egypt Asklepios Seleucids Juno Brutii healing
Epona Spain, Gaul             horse
Abnoba Spain, Gaul Artemis Macedon         hunting
Esus Spain, Gaul Baal Carthage, Numidia Set Egypt     justice
Papay Scythia Horus Egypt Saturn Scipii     law
Donar Germania Hercules Pontus Ares Macedon Mars Brutii violence
Andrasta Britons Nike Greek Cities         victory
Armazd Armenia Athena Greek Cities Jupiter Julii     leadership
Britania Britons Milqart Carthage, Numidia Hermes Greek Cities Mercury Brutii trade
Neptune Scipii             naval
Zoroastra Parthia             one_god
Api Scythia Aphrodite Pontus Aphrodite Greek Cities     love
Woden Germania             viking
Kolaksay Scythia             horse_2