Germania Town Defense

By Saranalos

If playing Germania then there is a really good way of defending barbarian towns no matter how much they outnumber you. I have regularly defeated Roman armies 4-5 times the size of mine. What you do is line your spear warbands up just a little way down the hill facing the entrance in phalanx formation in the town like this:

  • X= spear warband
  • Z= skirmisher
  • T= whatever infantry units there are besides spear warband (Ex: axeman, Chosen axeman Beserkers.....)
  • A= cavalry

Take your skirmisher units off skirmish mode and make sure that the edges of your spear warband are almost touching the walls of your houses otherwise they will be able to get around your spears and attack from the side as well as from the front and then you're screwed. Wait till your skirmishers have wasted their javelins and a fair few have come to their deaths under your spears and they are getting demoralized. Then charge your cav into them (I have achieved pretty spectacular effects in this strategy such as cav leaping over all your spearmen and their spears and crashing into the enemy) usually they will rout. If not then pull back your cav and let them die against your spears once more. The infantry are important because if there is a gap in your spear lines then they can rush forwards and fill it. Don't forget that the enemy will almost certainly not come any other way than the main ones. Try to block the remaining routes with whatever troops you have left because on hardest they will attack down the nearest and easiest route.