Unorthodox Strategies

By the RTWH Staff, headed by Ueriah

From HG's Secret Vaults:

Over the past several months, we here at RTWH have been busy at work secretly testing unorthodox strategies in the hopes of being able to uncover hidden tricks within the game and offer them to our gaming community. Feel free to work these little gems into your own game and watch your games improve drastically!

Alternative Lines

Sure, everyone knows about using heavy infantry to form lines to keep back the lines of opponents - but how many of you have tried using Town Guard? Despite the fact that they are inexpensive they are able to hold a line as effectively as a unit of slightly inebriated hastati fighting up a hill. Surprisingly, we found during testing that although most cavalry is able to charge through a 3-man deep line of Town Guard, they work surprising well at stopping chariot charges, particularly heavy chariots!

How To Attain Missile Superiority Every Time

After many sessions of secret testing, we have been able to come up with a great trick that works for almost any missile firing unit (excepting cavalry and elephants). The best way to make sure that you are able to have missile superiority, in 14 out of the 17 tests that we did, if two players are of approximately the same skill level, the player who turns off Engage At Will wins every single time due to attrition. By holding their fire until the opposing archers are out of ammunition, it ensures that you will have arrows left when the crucial end-game stage rolls around, and the enemy has exhausted their supply of arrows!

The Anti-General

Most people usually favor their general's unit - determined by being the first unit that is picked - with the most expensive unit available. One of the more popular trends currently is for people to buy elephants as the general's unit, faction permitting.

Since most battles seem to end up with the generals from both opposing armies in a slug-fest, one of the best surprises that you can inflict on your enemy is to have your own general lead a unit of incendiary pigs in order to counter their expensive unit! A technique that works well in this fashion involves hiding your pig-general in nearby woods and "hambushing" any enemy unit that goes to run by!

The Shifting Phalanx

Contrary to popular belief, a phalanx isn't as weak from the back as it is from the sides. In fact, it's arguable that it's even stronger when hit in the back as it is from the front! The catch lies in how the phalanx shifts when it is hit. The hoplites and pikemen actually have a hidden special attack. When struck, the phalanx will turn and lift their spears into the air. When bringing them back down, they actually land a smack in the head to the enemies troops. Since it comes out of nowhere, it disables the shield part of the enemy's defense, making for easy kills.

Peltasts - The New Age Archers

We all know that the archer unit fires its missiles from far away at the enemy, correct? Well logically speaking you're less likely to hit an enemy when you propel an object forward from further away, making the archer unit horribly innacurate when compared to the close range peltast. The peltast gets right up near to the enemy troops and throws is weapons of doom. From around 20 feet away how in the world can you miss? Archers are a waste of time when you need a good, ranged unit; we advise spending everything you'd spend on archers on peltasts. After all, how in the world can you miss? If you still feel compelled to us the horribleness that is an archer unit make sure you charge them right up near the enemy prior to firing; every wasted arrow is a travesty.