Opening Moves - Brutii

By Adder.

This tutorial was written on the hardest difficulty level. It applies to all difficulty levels, however.

For your first turn you should build a temple of choice in both your cities. You should train a unit of Peasants in both cities as well. You should then take all your units, from all your cites and merge them on one spot, including your diplomat and spy. The spot is shown in the screenshot below.

Adjust your taxes as needed and end your turn.

Readjust your taxes. Build a trader in both your cities. Move your army group onto your ships and land in Greece. Assault Apollonia. Occupy the settlement. Build a Shrine of choice. Train a unit of Peasants. Move your Spy and Diplomat to the Northeast. Your turn is over.

Build a Trader in Apollonia. Move your Spy and Diplomat towards Thessalonica. Move your army (excepting the Peasant garrison), towards Thermon. Your turn is over.

Build Paved Roads in Tarentum. Negotiate with the Macedonians. You should be able to get an alliance and trade rights. If you can't don't sweat it but it doesn't hurt. Lay siege to Thermon with your army. Your turn is over.

Assault Thermon. Occupy the Settlement and build a shrine of choice. Your turn is over.

Repair Thermon's walls and build a Trader. Train a unit of Peasants. Your turn is over.

Move your army in Thermon (excluding your Peasant unit) towards Athens. Do not cross over the border if the Macedonians control the settlement and you are currently allied with them. Train a unit of Equites in Thermon and adjust the taxes there to prevent a revolt. Build roads in Apolonia. Your turn is over.

Well all your cities (except for possibly Croton) are making a profit now and you know what that means. ;-) If the Macedonians are doing as well as they normally do they probably control Corinth and Athens. I advise attacking Larissa (break your alliance, if you have one, first) and then doing whatever seems best from that point. Probably Southern Greece as by that point the Greeks and Macedonians have had some time to kill each other off. Good luck!