Opening Moves - Julii

By Adder.

This guide was written while playing on the hardest difficulty level. It applies to all difficulty levels, however.

Your first turn is pretty simple and not very challenging. You'll want to build a Shrine of your choice in Arretium and Ariminum. You will also want to train a Peasant garrision in both of these cities. Gather the all units in Etruria, including the ones garrisoned in Arretium and attack Segesta to make the Senate happy and add to the lands you control. Assault, you should, be able to annihiliate the enemy. I lost no men at all. When you've captured the settlement choose to Occupy it and build a Governor's House. Move your Spy towards Mediolanium. Move your diplomat as far North as possible. That's it for turn one!

Sometimes you will get a trade rights offer with Gaul before your turn starts again. Do some bargaining if you'd like but keep in mind that we'll be attacking Mediolanium very soon. You'll want to build a Trader in Arretium and Ariminum and a Shrine of choice in Segesta. You'll want to train a unit of Hastati in Arretium, a Town Watch in Ariminum and Peasants in Segesta. Move the army in Segesta to the area right near the border. Adjust the taxes in Segesta as needed. Move your spy into Mediolandium and move your diplomat North again. That's it for turn two!

Build a trader in Segesta. Move all your units, excluding the Peasant garrisons, in Arretium and Ariminum towards Patavium. Train a unit of Hastati in Arretium. Attack Mediolanium. Your Spy will open the gates and you should be able to win the battle easily. Occupy the settlement. Build a Shrine of your choice and train a unit of Peasants. Contine to move your diplomat North. You are attempting to reach Germania. Move the Spy towards Patavium. Your turn is over.

Build Paved Roads in Arretium and Arimunum. Build a Trader in Mediolanium. Train a unit of Hastati in Arretium.Take about half your army in Mediolanium and move it towards Patavium to merge with the troops arriving near there. Keep moving your diplomat North. Your turn is over.

Build Roads in Segesta. Train a Unit of Hastati in Arretium. Lay siege and attack Patavium. Your spy should have opened the gates. Occupy the city and build a Shrine of choice. Your turn is over.

Build Roads in Patavium and Mediolanium. Build Land Clearance in Segesta. Train a unit of Hastati in Arretium. You're set! All your cities should be making a profit at this point. You have captured 3 cities in 5 turns. Impressive and it gives you the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want. You can capture Sardinia, maybe even Palma and if you decide you'd rather not go straight into Europe you can attack Spain and eventually be in a position to attack Gaul from two angles. Perhaps you'd like to gain control of the most advanced city early on? Jump some units on a boat and head down to Carthage, at this point it should be up for grabs. Whatever you decide, best of luck and may the Julii rule the world!